Forest Hills IRA Financial Planner For Retirement Accounts: Service Update

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Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300) has updated its services for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), offering expert consulting for clients in Forest Hills and other areas.

As IRAs held over $12 trillion in assets at the end of the first quarter of 2023 – making them the most popular type of retirement savings instruments – Goldstone Financial Group is expanding its consulting solutions for individuals looking to make the most of this versatile option for retirement savings.

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The announcement comes as IRAs continue to grow in popularity, having overtaken Defined Contribution plans over the past two decades. IRAs enable self-employed individuals or those seeking to supplement an employer’s retirement package to save for retirement independently. While they typically adhere to the same core principles as employer-provided retirement options, they feature specific stipulations concerning contribution limits and withdrawal rules – and with three major options available, working with an expert is essential for individuals looking to make the best decision.

Goldstone Financial Group offers expertise with Traditional, Roth, and SEP/SIMPLE IRAs, and guides clients in determining annual contribution limits, understanding the tax implications of withdrawals, and selecting the IRA type that best aligns with their income level and retirement goals. For self-employed individuals or small business owners, Goldstone’s advisors can clarify the nuances of SEP and SIMPLE IRAs.

The expert advisors can also assist clients in managing their investment portfolios within their IRAs, offering insights on the diversity and type of investments suitable for each – ranging from traditional options like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to alternatives such as real estate and collectibles. Clients can also contact Goldstone Financial Group for assistance with the process of tax-free 401(k) rollovers – a process that, if handled correctly, can significantly enhance retirement savings.

“We believe your financial future is far too important to leave up to chance,” said a company representative. “We view it as our responsibility to thoroughly understand your goals and dreams so that we can leverage our experience and knowledge to help you realize them. That’s why we’re committed to remaining by your side as partners in achieving the results you desire.”

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