Branded Digital Business Card Coins With NFC & 3D Design For Events Announced

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Gray Water Ops has officially announced its NFC-integrated challenge coin product line.

This new range of customizable coins, which has been in development for several months, features technology patented by the company. These challenge coins are intended to give companies and organizations a way to easily put forth a good brand image when seeking to raise funds for any cause, or to promote a business to a wider audience.

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These new coins can be customized with raised, 3D designs using a variety of materials to best portray a brand’s image. With this official launch, bulk orders are available for fundraising events, trade shows, or other similar occasions.

These NFC-enabled coins are intended to help businesses and other organizations bridge the gap between immediate fundraising efforts and the long-term growth goals set post-event.

The intention behind these coins is to provide those entities with high-quality memorabilia that is designed to spread a brand’s message even after the coins have been distributed.

The NFC integrations present in each coin can be programmed to link automatically to a company’s website or fundraising drive when a smartphone with NFC capability taps the coin.

The coins can also automatically run programs or input contact information into a recipient’s phone, providing businesses with a more direct way to expand their reach in the form of a digital business card.

These challenge coins provide a tactile, multi-faceted experience to the recipient, encouraging them to share the coin with their peers. These Smart Coins(TM) are dye-struck from solid brass, and adorned with colored enamel, 3D detail and 15 different finishes. With the NFC integrations housed in the coin, they can be an ideal way to put forward a front-facing image of quality and attention to detail. The coins have significant weight, thickness and detail that encourages people to want to touch it and carry it in their pocket. Much like a worry stone, the tactile experience connects the bearer of the coin, with the charity, non-profit, business or event. People who receive a coin can pick up this coin 20 years from now and remember exactly how or why they got the coin. It’s like a time capsule for the memories associated with receiving the coin.

One customer left the following review: “Gray Water Ops is top-notch when it comes to making coins. I am very happy with my order and will be a repeat customer for life. Their team did an outstanding job and I recommend them for your company if you’re looking to have a coin made for your organization.”

Gray Water Ops maintains an in-house graphic design team that can take concept art and translate it into high-quality raised artwork for use on the coin faces. Their business is 100% owned and operated by veterans, with a portion of certain sales going towards organizations that support the veteran community and health outreach programs.

Saving the best for last, the patented Smart Coin(TM) can be used as a tool to turbo charge any fundraiser, and has the potential to change the face of fundraising across the board. The Gray Water Ops Smart Coin(TM) allows a non-profit to accomplish three key fundraising hurdles:

1. Create a network of grass roots supporters who become an extension of the fundraising efforts.

2. Put a powerful tool in the hands of supporters and encourage each person to carry it in their pocket daily, for 3 reasons:

A. Carrying the charity coin in a pocket daily reminds the person about all the great things this charity does. It keeps the charity TOP OF MIND.

B. It’s a conversation starter to tell others about the charity. It’s something that can be placed in their hand. They can feel the weight of the coin and feel the 3D detail with their fingertips. It’s a very tactile experience.

C. It bridges the gap between the fundraisers last donation and their next donation with the embedded NTAG 424 DNA chip. Supporters who donate $??? receive one of the smart coins(TM) and are encouraged to carry it in their pocket and find a minimum of one new person to make a donation.

Imagine an office building with 100 workers. A supporter could walk around and TELL each of the 100 people how passionate they are about the cause and all 100 would smile and agree to check out their website. Realistically probably only 2-3 would actually follow through right?

Now consider the same scenario but instead of just telling 100 people about the charity, they put the coin they received in the hands of 100 people and get 100 people to tap their smartphones to the coin which launches the charity donation page on their phone. Now how many would donate? At least 10 right?! Even at that low number it’s 5X more as a direct result of the fundraising tool, in the form of a custom designed smart coin(TM) made for that charity. If everyone who donates agrees to carry the coin in their pocket and look for opportunities to share the fundraising message of that charity, it would exponentially grow the fundraising total. By incorporating the coin into the fundraising effort, the charity is creating a multi-level network of people who are actively trying to help raise money for the charity.

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