Conservative ChatGPT Alternative, Censorship-Free, Fact-Based AI Announced

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The developers of the TUSK web browser have announced the launch of Gippr, a ChatGPT alternative aimed at users with more conservative views.

The latest announcement comes as recent reports indicate concern about ChatGPT’s liberal-focused content output. Critics argue that the tool forces a left-leaning narrative with many of its responses.

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With ChatGPT attracting over 100 million users, TUSK believes many are using it as a search platform rather than relying on Google. In response, the company has integrated GIPPR AI, a chatbot that offers responses in line with “conservative values and beliefs”, to its search engine.

According to the TUSK team, Google’s repeated instances of suppressing stories have raised legitimate concerns about the integrity of search results. With alleged bias present in search engines and AI tools, TUSK is offering an alternative experience free from censorship.

TUSK Search is integrated within the TUSK Browser, ensuring easy access for users across multiple platforms. Whether on Mac or PC, iOS or Android devices, conservatives can use the platform to explore the web without compromising their values or facing biased results.

The tool’s filtering button allows users to tailor their search results based on political leaning. Prior to searching, it is possible to select left, center, or right in order to find content aligned with their perspectives – and create a more personalized browsing experience.

The TUSK Browser also offers a comprehensive newsfeed feature, allowing users to curate a customized list of trusted sources. This helps to ensure that conservatives can rely on a diverse range of outlets to stay informed, promoting a healthy exchange of ideas and perspectives.

For optimal safety, the browser enforces the use of HTTPS whenever possible. By facilitating encrypted connections on both the client and server sides, TUSK prioritizes the protection of users’ data and enhances their online privacy.

“Free speech is a fundamental right for everyone and essential to a healthy democracy,” the company stated on its website. “It’s time for a truthful AI chatbot to allow all Conservatives to enjoy the benefits of AI, without fear of being canceled or shamed for your beliefs.”

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