Cryptocurrency Prediction Bot For Automated Trades, Software Training Launched

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The Crypto Code has announced a new training webinar explaining its cryptocurrency investment system powered by the WaveBot Toolkit.

The latest announcement comes as industry research shows 21% of US adults now own cryptocurrency. With mainstream interest in decentralized finance growing, The Crypto Code provides an all-in-one solution for automated trading.

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During the new webinar, creators Joel Peterson and Adam Short offer a behind-the-scenes look at the program – with success stories from other investors and expert strategies that can be applied to any cryptocurrency.

The team explains that investing in cryptocurrencies for the first time can be a daunting task. The volatility of the market can be overwhelming to new investors, and they often don’t have access to the best trading tools, which can result in missed opportunities.

With The Crypto Code, members can use WaveBot to simplify trading in a number of ways. Users can set up campaigns within an hour with trades running in the background automatically. The program supports multiple campaigns simultaneously – allowing users to diversify their investment strategy through a user-friendly interface.

The program also provides premium trade alerts, which are sent directly to members’ accounts. These cover sudden price surges or alert them to emerging tokens so they can stay informed and make smarter decisions based on real-time information.

The Crypto Code includes a Crypto Deep Dive video training course, which features 40 lessons covering beginner and advanced strategies. It equips members with the knowledge and skills to understand market trends, execute advanced trading strategies, and more.

Members gain access to an exclusive community, which provides a direct line of communication to program runners Joel Peterson, Adam Short, and their team. With coaching and personalized guidance, investors can manage their trades through expert-led approaches.

Additional extras are also available, such as Profit Signal, which alerts users to the best times to take action. Crypto Secrets Bootcamp includes video recordings, and access is also provided to Joel and Adam’s personal crypto portfolio for real-time trade insights.

A spokesperson states: “You’ll learn how to use a proven software solution to quickly launch a crypto machine that runs on autopilot. Whether crypto goes up or down, you can enjoy consistent results.”

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