Shungite Sacred Sound Alchemy Retreat On The Isle Of Avalon, Glastonbury, Uk

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A luxurious weekend retreat on the sacred Isle of Avalon, Uk.. Learn how to activate your Chakras, align with your higher self, and harness the power of Shungite crystals and sacred sound to dissolve deep negative emotion and ground your soul’s purpose into your life.


The Shungite Sacred Sound Retreat

The mission on this intensive retreat is to assist one to manifest the soul’s purpose by helping to align to the highest creative frequency and bring through the inspiration of the muse.

By the end of this weekend retreat a understand of how the light body and chakra system can work optimally will be distilled in an in the body deep soul feeling..

In this program, ten beloveds are guided to unlock the full potential of the throat chakra.

By doing so, one can experience a profound connection to higher-self that will permeate one’s entire being. The feeling of breaking free from the emotional barriers.. the dissolving of anything that may have held one back from expressing authentically and confidently one’s true power..

Rare Teachings are also taught showing how to tap into the inner power and the sacred energy of the guides and spirit helpers, creating the way to receive inspiration and guidance from a higher source.

Through this process, one can connect with a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to empowering and supporting one another on their Shungite Path journey of self-discovery.

Join this transformative journey towards deeper self-expression and connection to the true power that awaits upon the Shungite Path…

How Higher-Self Is Leading Beloveds Towards Shungite Through The Power Of Sacred Sound

The Shungite Sacred Sound Temple is opening, beckoning… to enter the magical realms. In the Shungite Sacred Sound Retreat, it is possible to experience these powers of Shungite that can help to move so much. old pain.

This old used energy that feels like a dead weight, one can sense needs to go, and go for good… it is easy to forget this heaviness is being carried.. lugged around… and many might call this deep work as similar to shadow work..

…at this time, there is dead matter all over Mother Gaia being moved by the Shungite beings.. the Shungite workers. This is their time and this is THE time to connect with the Shungite Beings for THE highest good.

Shungite is a powerful mineral that has been used for centuries for its healing properties. It is believed that Shungite can protect against electromagnetic radiation, purify water, and provide physical and emotional healing. The Shungite crystal realm warrior deities, coming forward as Amonshungine and Amonshungina…

…these deities work their Jupiter powers through the Shungite stone workers to bring about healing and transformation at a deep cellular level.

For over 500 years the power of Shungite, has aided the higher self through divine guidance, showing the way and opening people towards its healing properties.

The Shungite temple is a sacred space, inner and outer, it is created empowered and maintained within first, through dedicated Shungite chakra practice.

One the retreat the building of physical temple space is a part of the journey… through the use of Shungite sacred geometry, connecting with the Shungite beings at a deeper level to receive the transformative power of Shungite..

Feel drawn to learn more, discover the 1 to 1 and group Shungite Sacred Sound Alchemy Experiences…

Natalia V Said

“I had this inner vision of the fullerene molecule coming in and covering all the DNA spirals and building up a beautiful shiny armour of protection. And not just in the DNA, I saw it building up to protect my nervous system too. I then received what felt like, an additional armouring like in one of the Marvell movies, Black Panther. Now I feel fully protected by Shungite inside, bolstered by the fullerene molecule inside my light body”