Chicago Estate Planning Services Announced By Goldstone Financial Group

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Chicago wealth management firm Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300) announces its comprehensive, custom-tailored estate planning services.

Goldstone Financial Group’s newly announced estate planning services are designed to protect their clients’ assets and legacies, ensuring their money is passed down according to their wishes while reducing or eliminating federally imposed tax burdens.

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The announcement is in response to the latest statistics demonstrating that more than half of Americans do not have an estate plan. A recent poll by Gallup revealed that only 46% have a will describing how they would like their assets to be handled after their death. Goldstone Financial Group offers Chicago residents approachable, step-by-step estate planning strategies they can implement now to ensure their loved ones are provided for after their death.

“Many people underestimate the value of their assets and resist estate planning, either because they say it’s depressing or because they’re under the misguided impression these services are expensive or complicated,” says Anthony Pellegrino, CEO of the firm. “Our fiduciary advisors offer no-obligation consultations to Chicago residents, helping them take the first steps toward putting important investment and estate planning activities into action.”

The estate planning services announced by the company include inheritance planning, legacy planning, and tax planning. They can involve a living will, setting up a trust, putting the instruments in place to protect family assets (such as an LLC or FLP), setting up an inherited IRA, planning for incapacity, and more.

Additionally, the advisors can help clients minimize estate taxes that can otherwise impose a significant draw on the value of their legacy. By putting the proper instruments in place now, individuals can reduce, and sometimes even alleviate these expenses in the future, leaving more assets and less hassle for their loved ones.

By taking advantage of the comprehensive estate planning services now offered at Goldstone Financial Group, Chicago residents can ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes, and families are spared the tribulations many endure when a loved one dies intestate.

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