Cape Cook’s Shelley Ann Kirsten Launches New Carrot Cake Baking Guide

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A new carrot cake baking guide is now available on Shelley Ann Kirsten’s cooking website.

Experienced cook Shelley Ann Kirsten is announcing a new guide on baking carrot cakes. With an intro to cake recipes in general, the new resource provides beginners with the necessary knowledge to bake a tasty carrot cake for the entire family.

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Part of Shelley Ann’s mission to popularize healthy, easy cooking inspired by cuisines from all over the world, her guide to carrot cake is a short, but comprehensive resource anyone can use to bake a delicious cake.

“Whether you are an experienced baker or a cake novice, learning how to bake a cake is a great skill to have,” says Shelley Ann. “While cake recipes can seem intimidating at first, with the right tools and techniques, you can easily create delicious and beautiful cakes that will delight your friends and family.”

The guide offers an overview of the most popular types of cake – including the sheet cake and the cupcake – and encourages readers to experiment with different styles to see which one they like.

The basic ingredients for any cake are also included, with the final part offering a simple carrot cake idea that anyone can follow.

About Shelley Ann Kirsten

An experienced cook with a passion for natural ingredients, Shelley Ann Kirsten is the founder of Shelley’s Cuisine Scene, a cooking school where she taught Dessert and Confectionery Making, plus local cuisine styles ranging from Hungarian to Greek, Thai, and South African.

Shelley Ann’s love for food is also reflected in her Mountain View Guest House, where she cooks meals for overseas visitors and continues to offer cooking classes. Her cooking is inspired by cuisines from all over the world, with her latest efforts focusing on promoting natural, sustainable, chemical-free cooking for a better life.

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“Whenever I went overseas, I tried to do short courses to improve my knowledge such as Thai cooking in Bangkok, Vegetarian cooking in London, Creole Cooking in the Seychelles as well as spending time at AMC International in Rotkreuz, Switzerland learning how to cook food based on fat-free and waterless cooking concepts which I later demonstrated in my own cooking school,” she said.

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