Conflict Resolution & Team Resilience Building: Consulting Services Updated

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Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl, headed by Dr. Erika Wichro, has updated their consultancy services to help companies and communities practice conflict resolution and strengthen resilience.

Following the update, the Swiss-based international consulting company is offering one-on-one consultations aimed at helping leaders overcome crisis-induced burnout, enhance their organizations’ morale, and improve productivity.

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For Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl, the intention is to foster resilience and leadership within any group. In their updated consultancy service, they help companies and communities develop strategic crisis plans, focusing on improving preparedness, response capacity, and group health systems.

The firm, under the leadership of medical doctor and public health expert Dr. Erika Wichro, aims to help organizations navigate through the challenging times caused by crises such as international conflict and public health emergencies.

Dr. Wichro offers her expertise at a critical juncture where organizations, from small businesses to international governing bodies, grapple with health threats and internal and external divisions. She emphasizes that teams at all levels need relief from these stresses to sustain productivity and foster a healthy working environment.

As part of the one-on-one consultation services, the firm assists clients in developing the capacity of their staff and stakeholders, drafting standard operating procedures, and formulating proposals for cross-sectoral partnerships and funding. They also have a track record of managing sizeable public health and crisis management projects.

Dr. Wichro, named one of the Top 50 Fearless Leaders of 2021 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), has over 30 years of experience in public health, with over a decade in humanitarian crisis management. In September 2022, the IAOTP awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award, another testament to her successful career.

“We give technical guidance and support in the form of a free consultancy call for individuals, smaller communities, and countries or organizations. We understand your pain and the discomfort you are going through in these uncertain times. We help to strengthen local and international capacity, connection, and resilience to cope with crisis. We go the extra mile for our clients so you achieve your goals,” a representative said.

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