Portable Squatty Potty Toilet Stool, New Travel Essential For Digestive Health

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Squatty Potty has announced its travel porta toilet stool — a foldable, lightweight version of its popular Squatty Potty.

With many Americans planning their summer vacation overseas, Squatty Potty believes that its Travel Porta Squatty — a smaller version of their flagship product, which can be easily folded and stored in carry-on luggage — is a travel essential for all vacationers who want to maintain good digestive health.

More information about the Travel Porta Squatty and the science behind Squatty Potty can be found at https://www.squattypotty.com/collections/stools/products/porta-squatty%E2%84%A2

Travel-related digestive issues have been a subject of scientific studies since the 1970s — with the first-ever study finding that 14% of respondents experienced trouble going to the bathroom, while a larger study conducted in 2003 revealed that 40% of participants had digestive issues while traveling. Squatty Potty, on a mission to improve bathroom health for everyone, appreciates the importance of healthy bowel movement while on the go and has designed its Travel Porta Squatty as the ideal travel companion for digital nomads, frequent travelers, campers, and everyone who wants to vacation without travel-related digestive issues.

Clinically proven to reduce strain in 90% of individuals, the Squatty Potty repositions the body from a 90-degree to 35-degree angle, naturally loosening the puborectalis muscle for more efficient defecation and complete evacuation of bowels.

Measuring under 15 inches when folded, the Travel Porta Squatty was designed to fit in most suitcases and carry-ons. As with all Squatty Potty products, the travel version has a gentle slope allowing the heels to be positioned higher than the toes — mimicking a natural squatting position. To ensure feet stay safely planted on the stool, Squatty Potty has added foot grip lines on the top.

“The Travel Porta Toilet Stool is a travel essential for anyone who wants to maintain good digestive health on the go,” says a company representative. “It’s compact, portable, and easy to use, making it a must-have for frequent travelers, campers, and anyone who wants to be prepared for any situation.”

About Squatty Potty

One of the most successful companies to be featured on Shark Tank, Squatty Potty has sold over eight million potty stools. The idea for the revolutionary bathroom aid was born in 2011 when one of the company co-founders was having digestive issues and the doctor recommended squatting to reduce strain. By 2013, the first plastic Squatty Potty was manufactured and featured on the Howard Stern Show. Now, the company sells a variety of designs, including bamboo, plastic, and Carrara marble stools, as well as potty stools made for kids.

A satisfied customer said, “Best investment of the year! This compact stool fits great in my small bathroom. It works well and it folds flat so I can travel with this Travel Porta Squatty.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.squattypotty.com/collections/stools/products/porta-squatty%E2%84%A2

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