Inglewood, CA Dental Clinic/Dentist Content Marketing For Local Search Announced

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My Tooth Media has unveiled a proprietary content marketing system that leverages Google’s emphasis on localized content to enhance search rankings.

Initially targeting the dental industry, ‘My Tooth Media’ aims to deliver “almost instant” SERP ranking improvements through its revolutionary system. The company said it is initially rolling out this offering in Inglewood, California, with plans to include other localities in the future.

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‘My Tooth Media’’s unique system is built upon the principles of web omnipresence, a marketing approach that seeks to establish a pervasive and consistent presence across multiple online platforms.

It achieves this level of web presence through a content generation and distribution system purpose-built to produce a wide range of content types that are then disseminated to a network of curated websites and publications.

According to the company, its system can generate news articles, blogs, slide presentations, and video content, among others, simultaneously, and then publish them on more than 400 websites.

“Our groundbreaking solution generates omnipresent marketing campaigns that yield improvements in your search engine rankings. Unlike traditional SEO methods that take months to show noticeable results, our approach provides almost instant outcomes,” the company’s spokesperson said.

They added that one factor that sets the system apart from traditional SEO is its ability to publish on high-authority news websites and blogs. “Because each content piece is published with your URL, your site will benefit from an influx of reputable do-follow links, enhancing your backlinking efforts.”

They further stated that the system’s local focus is a boon to dental practices, who typically target a specific locality, such as a town or a city. The spokesperson explained that the content the system generates can position a clinician as an authority in their field for a particular location.

“Google factors in prominence, relevance, and distance when determining one’s local ranking in its SERP,” the spokesperson said. “With the type of content we generate for local businesses, you can satisfy all three. In fact, our content may even help you achieve Google’s coveted ‘thee-pack’ section.”

‘My Tooth Media’’s service is open to practices specializing in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, oral pathology, endodontics, prosthodontics, and other specializations.

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