Deciphering the Best CFD Swap-Free Brokers in the UK

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( — July 3, 2023) —

The Contract for Difference (CFD) trading world offers diverse opportunities, making it possible for traders to speculate on a range of fast-moving global financial instruments.

While this trading style, which involves avoiding interest, is appealing to many traders, it’s essential to recognize that certain individuals, specifically those who follow the Islamic faith, adhere to strict principles that prohibit them from engaging in any form of interest-based transactions.

Hence, CFD brokers introduced swap-free, or Islamic accounts, ensuring inclusivity for all traders. Traders Union strives to provide exhaustive insights into the CFD swap-free trading landscape within the UK, giving traders a comprehensive review of the best brokers in this sector.

Top Swap-Free CFD Brokers

Traders Union have spent countless hours assessing the features, platform compatibility, and overall benefits of numerous swap-free CFD brokers. Based on extensive research, there are the top five contenders:

  1. RoboForex: Standing tall with an impressive range of CFDs, RoboForex demonstrates its commitment to diverse trading needs. Their platforms are compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5, as well as cTrader, offering traders a variety of choices. Importantly, RoboForex offers a swap-free option, a crucial feature for traders with interest-free trading needs.

  2. Exness: A broker that impresses with its competitive spreads and various trading instruments. The provision of MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms offer traders a high-quality trading environment. Moreover, their swap-free accounts cater to the ethical trading requirements of certain traders.

  3. FxPro: Focusing on enhancing user experience and ensuring excellent customer service, FxPro has carved a niche. Swap-free accounts are available on its MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms and cTrader, adding to its appeal for interest-free traders.

  4. XBTFX: XBTFX ensures a smooth trading experience with its MetaTrader 5 and custom-designed proprietary platforms. Cryptocurrency traders particularly favor the swap-free account option that it offers.

  5. HFM: Catering to traders with its range of trading instruments and MetaTrader 4 platform, HFM makes trading easy. Their swap-free accounts further enhance their appeal, particularly for traders seeking an interest-free trading environment.

Investment Programs of Top CFD Swap-Free Brokers

Traders Union’s diligent research also extends to evaluating investment programs presented by these leading brokers. Here’s what you can expect:

  • RoboForex Investment Program: RoboForex offers an enticing investment program featuring robust affiliate schemes. Additionally, CopyFx, their unique platform, enables traders to copy strategies from successful traders, fostering a learning environment.

  • Exness Investment programs: Exness provides diverse investment opportunities for different risk tolerances. This flexibility allows traders to adapt and implement varied investment strategies.

  • FxPro Investment programs: With FxPro Direct, a comprehensive investment platform, traders are empowered to manage their portfolios effectively and efficiently.

This discussion represents a snapshot of the vast landscape of investment programs offered by CFD swap-free brokers. For a more thorough exploration, visit the Traders Union website, where they dissect additional options for CFD swap-free trading.


With its myriad investment opportunities, CFD trading has opened up a world of possibilities for traders across the globe. Swap-free accounts have further broadened this landscape, ensuring that no trader is left behind due to religious or ethical obligations. As you traverse this exciting yet complex world, having a dependable and competent swap-free broker by your side can make all the difference.

Traders Union is committed to offering you meticulous research and detailed analyses to aid in making informed decisions. TU experts aim to guide you toward success in your CFD swap-free trading journey.

For a comprehensive understanding of CFD trading and a detailed review of top-notch brokers offering swap-free accounts, visit the Traders Union website. Empower yourself with knowledge, make smart trading decisions, and reach new heights in your trading journey with the insights provided by Traders Union.