Mid-Market Enterprise Programmatic Job Advertising Platform: Features Update

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JobAdX has updated their PPC programmatic job advertising platform with new features aimed at mid-market companies.

This software is designed to drive job ad performance using algorithmic placement and automatic campaign targeting. The tools present on the JobAdX platform are now capable of serving mid-market clients with limited ad budgets through a range of specialization options.

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Recent updates to the JobAdX platform has reinvigorated the automation and manual targeting features of the software. Recruiters can now use these tools to connect with candidates across hundreds of job boards simultaneously, while the programmatic system removes ad placements that underperform in order to preserve up to 40% of a given campaign’s budget.

JobAdX presents these tools across two sub-platforms, both of which have benefited from this update. These platforms, called Exchange and Optimize, are suited to different levels of need and provide a range of both manual control and programmatic automation tools ideally suited to mid-market hiring teams.

Recruiting teams can leverage the powerful automation solutions offered by Exchange to establish initial parameters for a job ad campaign. Following this setup period, the algorithm will take over, placing ads across over 100 job boards and isolating the most successful placements. From there, the system will increase placements in these areas while decreasing visibility in underperforming areas.

The Optimize platform follows a similar formula while placing more manual controls in the hands of the recruiter. The platform allows for custom placements while also providing extra monitoring capabilities, allowing hiring teams to track the CTR and price per click of an ad campaign in progress.

These two platforms are designed with ease of use in mind and are both affordable to suit small-to-mid-sized businesses. Many of the most well known SMB companies have already used JobAdX to bolster their hiring efforts, and following this update, a new range of clients will be able to take advantage of these tools.

The JobAdX software was developed by a small team of passionate job advertising experts. They are available now to provide a free tour of the program, including a demo of the analytic and algorithmic features available there.

To find out more, visit https://www.jobadx.com/

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