Bank Account Opening For High-Risk Business With Low Maintenance Costs Announced

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SAXE Global, a financial consultancy firm, broadens its range of services to encompass advisory support for high-risk businesses in the process of establishing accounts.

The new services enable clients to access agile and flexible banking solutions that were previously unavailable to them. Group Vice President Mark Walsh says this empowers clients to thrive in today’s digital-led economy.

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SAXE Global recognises the unique challenges faced by high-risk ventures operating in the gambling, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, and debt collection industries. Following the expansion, the consultancy offers an extensive network of partner banks abroad, including in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark, enabling clients to benefit from financial services that are specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

By taking advantage of the solutions offered by SAXE Global, entrepreneurs can enjoy seamless money transfers across borders. Specifically, they can leverage international banking protocols, including SWIFT, SEPA, and IBAN, to facilitate efficient and secure transactions on a global scale.

These banks, in collaboration with SAXE Global, offer greater convenience to clients. Whether it’s making transactions, payments, or money transfers, customers can easily access services through user-friendly mobile apps or online platforms.

One of the key advantages of utilising such banks is the accelerated transaction processing they provide. Compared to traditional banking methods, they enable real-time or minimal-delay payments, ensuring that transfers are completed promptly.

SAXE Global understands the financial considerations of high-risk enterprises and has partnered with banks that impose robust encryption protocols. Hence, business owners can rest assured that transactions are securely processed and will reach their intended recipients without issues.

“We are dedicated to empowering high-risk enterprises with reliable and flexible banking solutions. Our collaboration with trusted international banks ensures that clients can access the financial services they need, fostering growth and success in their respective industries,” Walsh adds.


SAXE Global is a leading digital banking consultancy firm, specialising in providing innovative solutions to clients in various industries. With a commitment to delivering tailored and reliable banking services, SAXE Global helps entrepreneurs navigate the complex landscape of digital finance.

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