Joy Marketing Benefits In Advertising & Branding Campaigns: Guide Released

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One of California’s leading branding agencies has updated its online library of industry insights with an article about joy marketing.

London: Los Angeles (LO:LA) has released “Spread More Joy,” a primer introducing readers to the concept of joy marketing. In particular, the material answers the question “What does it mean to create joy with marketing?” and provides real-world examples of the use of joy in a number of successful creative campaigns.

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“Marketing is not just about selling a product; it’s about creating an emotional connection with the consumer,” LO:LA said in the article. “When a brand creates joy and happiness, it’s creating an emotional connection with the consumer that goes beyond the product itself.”

For brands to accomplish this, LO:LA advised focusing on experiences instead of highlighting a product or service. It pointed to Airbnb’s “Live There” campaign as an example, stating that the campaign succeeded in making people excited about travel and, by extension, booking an Airbnb because of how the campaign presented travel as an activity that must be experienced.

Another method of adding joy to a campaign is by adding the element of “fun”. It pointed to Oreo’s “Daily Twist” campaign as one of the best examples of an ad campaign that generated massive buzz owing to it being “simple and fun”. “Whether it’s through humor, storytelling, positive messages, or experiences, brands have the power to create joy and make a difference in people’s lives,” LO:LA added.

While not as mainstream as other marketing disciplines, joy marketing now enjoys a growing number of advocates. For example, EXHIBITOR magazine called for more joy marketing during the tail-end of the pandemic, stating that brands should use the opportunity to engage with an audience that “has never needed joy more.”

LO:LA’s latest piece offered something similar, saying that amid hot-button issues like climate change and political polarization, joy marketing may provide an alternative means to address these issues by helping build more social cohesion and trust.

“By making joy a priority in our actions, we can build a society that is more resilient, more creative, and more connected,” it said.

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