Weight Loss Program Empowers Single Women To Break Free from Emotional Eating

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Sasha Carrion, a trauma recovery hypnotherapist and emotional eating coach, has announced the launch of a new weight loss program that helps single women overcome emotional eating, lose weight and regain self-confidence, so they can open themselves to love.

The recently launched emotional eating and weight loss program aims to assist women who may struggle with using food as a source of emotional comfort, offering a path to address deep-rooted emotional triggers through a combination of hypnotherapy, breakthrough coaching, and community support.

Specifically designed for single women who wish to find romance in their lives but may feel constrained by a negative relationship with food and a lack of self-confidence because of their weight. Sasha Carrion’s new program helps women heal trauma-related disordered eating issues for the purpose of reaching their desired weight, and potentially find love.

Research published in Self and Identity shows that a low sense of self-esteem can have a detrimental effect on women’s capacity to engage in deep, lasting emotional connections with romantic partners, explains Sasha. Her emotional eating and weight loss program recognizes the link between women’s weight and confidence in their ability to pursue relationships. Sasha helps single women overcome their fears, resolve emotional triggers, and release anxieties to build a greater sense of self-worth. “I’m here to help you release the weight and heal trauma that is sabotaging your best efforts, so you can have that wonderful partner you deserve,” says Sasha.

The program is based on Sasha’s negative neural disassociation protocol, which targets retraining the mind so that disordered eating patterns become a thing of the past. Through a range of tools and techniques, Sasha helps single women move past underlying trauma and negative habits to establish new neural pathways that are conducive to healthy eating habits and weight loss. Throughout the process, Sasha is also keen on empowering her female clients to have a high self-worth and self-esteem.

With the program’s holistic approach that addresses health on a mental, physical, and emotional level, women can strengthen and reinforce new beliefs while working to adjust their mental and physical well-being permanently.

Past clients have positive things to say about Sasha’s program. Julia P. says, “I had struggled for years with eating and body dysmorphia, and Sasha’s work was able to completely shift my mindset. I highly recommend this process for anyone who has been struggling for a long time.”

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