Car Body Filler Hardener Mixing Ratio Guide For Repair Technicians Launched

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The Autobody Source, an online publication that caters to the collision repair industry, publishes a new report tackling the ideal body filler hardener mixing ratio.

As summertime heat poses challenges for body filler applications, this new report provides valuable insights and recommendations from industry experts. Shop owners and technicians can learn the proper techniques that can optimize their operations.

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In a recent video clip featuring Evercoat Optex, The Autobody Source generated significant interest and discussion surrounding the best hardener mixing ratio. Seeking expert advice, it turned to Tim McKinney, a representative from Evercoat, for his expertise on the matter.

McKinney emphasizes that insufficient catalyzation can lead to post-curing and repair mapping issues. To address this, Evercoat has implemented stickers on their cans to guide technicians in achieving the proper ratio.

He further advises technicians working in high-heat conditions to keep both the product and the hardener at cooler temperatures. This helps slow down the reaction, reducing the urgency to apply the material quickly and allowing for proper application techniques. Additionally, he suggests spreading the product out over the mixing surface to dissipate heat effectively.

For particularly challenging situations, the report recommends incorporating a small amount of Rage Ultra XTRA #100144 filler. This not only slows down the reaction but also thickens the product, counteracting the thinning effect caused by high heat. Its corrosion resistance, which meets the ASTM B117 Corrosion Test, also offers added protection to car surfaces.

To assist technicians in achieving optimal results, The Autobody Source provides visual examples of the best-practice mixing ratios for Rage Optex, along with a detailed application guide in the accompanying video.

A spokesperson says: “The strong response to our video is an indication that collision repair professionals have lots of questions with regard to proper body filler hardener application. This new guide, created in collaboration with Evercoat, should give you all the information you need.”


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