Chart Sharing From Organisational Apps Enabled In PowerPoint

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Microsoft enhances Power BI, enabling users to embed organisational app charts in PowerPoint presentations, improving data-driven insights sharing. This update strengthens Power BI’s integration with PowerPoint for better data storytelling.

Microsoft has introduced new capabilities in Power BI that allow users to embed charts from organisational apps directly into PowerPoint presentations, reports Neowin. Rolling out this new enhancement has been underscored as the company’s effort to offer users greater flexibility in sharing data-driven insights.

The new development comes in response to feedback received during the successful launch of Power BI integration with PowerPoint last year. That is where users expressed the need for sharing and embedding org app charts into their business presentations, according to the article.

This has now been made possible with the expanded “Link to this visual” and “Open in PowerPoint” options. Much like the functionality available for reports in workspaces, both these options allow a shareable link to be created, which can then be used in the Power BI add-in in PowerPoint to embed charts and visualisations.

The embedded charts linked via organisational apps retain all the powerful features of Power BI, including filters, smart insights, and live data. Users can expect a smooth and cohesive experience while leveraging the capabilities of integrated Power BI and PowerPoint to create engaging and impactful presentations.

Shedding light on Microsoft’s commitment to delivering an augmented user experience, the article expects the integration to help effectively convey data-driven insights. This new capability is being rolled out incrementally to ensure a smooth transition. Users can expect this new feature to be available within a few weeks, providing individuals, teams, and organisations with options to integrate data visualisations into their PowerPoint presentations, fostering enhanced communication and informed decision-making.

Enabling chart sharing from organisation apps to PowerPoint follows a series of significant updates to Power BI, demonstrating Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing data analytics and visualisation. The company has been continuously rolling out new enhancements and upgrades with its Office suite apps to enhance the working experience. For example, Microsoft Excel, along with the company’s other productivity tools, has got a deep AI boost after equipping it with Microsoft 365 Copilot. Integrating generative AI capabilities into Excel is the company’s effort to help streamline complex Excel tasks.

Also, PowerPoint for the web recently got upgraded with a new video feature. It enables users to make PowerPoint presentations directly from the browser without needing to install any software. PowerPoint’s AI-driven feature—PowerPoint Designer—enables users to change their slide appearance. Its new co-authoring feature aims to facilitate team collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously.

Microsoft is considering adding requested features to its Microsoft 365 apps. However, some of the built-in features in these tools can still be overwhelming. For example, due to lacking some frequently used charts and graphical elements, creating professional-looking presentations in PowerPoint may seem arduous. For professionals looking to build great-looking charts with fewer clicks, using a high-end PowerPoint add-in such as think-cell is a sensible decision. Having said that, the new update is expected to solidify Power BI’s integration with PowerPoint and revolutionise the concept of data storytelling.