Uplifting Emotional Intelligence Podcast For Women, Happiness Episode Released

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Esteemed life and joy coach Donnalynn Riley has released a new episode of her uplifting emotional intelligence-focused podcast, ‘Finding Your Spark Again’.

In the popular podcast, Donnalynn Riley shares the insights that she has attained during her years of experience working as a joy coach, helping women across America to find and nurture joy and to find their spark, meaning their inner light and youthful spirit. In her latest episode, which is called ‘Using Your Heart And Brain To Find Joy’, Donnalynn Riley speaks with Nadia Carta, Google’s Head of Industry in the US, and a successful executive coach.

More information is available at http://findingyoursparkagain.com/

The latest episode of ‘Finding Your Spark Again’ takes the body, mind, spirit integration that has made all of Donnalynn Riley’s work resonate with her audience and transposes it to the realm of work and career. It addresses topics like busyness and success that dictate the daily reality of many women, especially working women and working moms. As such, Donnalynn particularly recommends her latest episode to entrepreneurial women, professional women and women who are in the mid-point of their career.

In addition to being a leader in IT and innovation, Nadia Carta has worked extensively as a coach for executive-level professionals, has delivered many TEDX motivational talks, and has founded her own joy-based movement called Spark Your Zeal. Donnalynn describes Spark Your Zeal as being an initiative that “radically evolves our attitudes, invigorates our spirits, and inspires and shows people how to bring the fire back into their life and work.”

It is particularly in this key area that Donnalynn Riley and Nadia Carta unite, this idea of the spark, and they believe that the latest episode of ‘Finding Your Spark Again’ can act as fuel for their listeners’ inner fire. They hope that ‘Using Your Heart And Brain To Find Joy’ will help listeners to align their heart and their brain in order to improve their emotional intelligence and self-awareness, to get rid of limiting mindsets and patterns, and develop fulfilling ones, and ultimately, to fall back in love with their life.

Donnalynn Riley is proud to be a leader in life-changing and pattern-changing coaching and podcasting. All episodes of ‘Finding Your Spark Again’ are available on her website.

A spokesperson for the joy coach said, “In the latest episode of Finding Your Spark Again, Donnalynn Riley and Nadia Carta talk about how our hearts and brains are connected in living a zealous life. And how living in the present can get you where you want to be in terms of joy, success, and life.”

More details can be found at http://findingyoursparkagain.com/

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