Corpus Christi Personal Injury Attorney Service Announced By Reyna Law Firm

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Reyna Law Firm (361-866-9076) has announced personal injury services in Corpus Christi and South Texas, responding to high rates of crashes involving 18-wheelers and heavy trucks on local highways.

With its new services, Reyna Law Firm strengthens its capacity to defend those with severe injuries while prosecuting at-fault parties. Its assistance spans the duration of the legal process, from initial case reviews at its Corpus Christi offices to the management of ongoing correspondence with insurers and, if necessary, courtroom appearances.

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The Texas-wide law firm has brought its latest services to Corpus Christi in order to meet a pressing local need. Owing to its status as one of the country’s largest port cities and the abundance of gas and oil refineries in the area, the location sees frequent commercial truck traffic to and fro.

As such, Reyna Law Firm intends for its new services to provide locally-based accident victims with a reliable platform of legal support. The firm has long operated in Texas, giving its lawyers extensive familiarity with many of the deadliest roads near Corpus Christi – including US Highways 77 and 181 alongside Interstate 69 and the I-37.

Reyna Law Firm’s newest services involve the application of this local-area knowledge in assessments of accidents and their contributing causes. Its team examines possible factors that may have led to crashes, pointing to drunkenness, exhaustion, and driver recklessness as common occurrences.

Such factors will determine liability, with Reyna Law Firm advising that its new services can significantly assist in illuminating how and why negligent parties were culpable in accidents. Supporting evidence is a crucial part of its strategies in negotiating fair settlements with guilty drivers and insurance teams – or as part of litigation when needed, says the firm.

Reyna Law Firm’s attorneys specialize in catastrophic injury cases, now offering the acumen and resources necessary to handle complex claim processes as they pertain to the aftermaths of big rig and 18-wheeler truck crashes. With its new services, the firm’s lawyers aim to recover amounts that reflect the value of injury claims – dependent on pain, medical costs, lost wages, and more.

Since its inception 20 years ago, Reyna Law Firm stresses its continued efforts pursuing settlements across a range of vehicle and workplace accident cases. Its recent announcement represents the latest of these movements, with the firm hoping to provide truck crash victims with the legal partnerships they need going forward.

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