Slavic Folklore Magic Video Podcasts For Spiritual Guidance & Wellness Launched

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Parlour of Wonders, the online home of Slavic and Ukrainian folklore, traditions and magic expert Madame Pamita, has expanded their online content channels.

Madame Pamita has long established a reputation in the US folkloric community as an author, speaker and spiritual life coach. Now, through Parlour of Wonders, she is proud to be reaching out to a larger community with her YouTube video channel and her weekly podcasts.

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Madame Pamita is extending her online presence at a moment in which more Americans than ever identify as being spiritual, now representing one quarter of the population, according to Pew Research. However, as more adults shift away from the certainty that traditional religious institutions have long offered towards the openness of a spiritual paradigm, Madame Pamita knows that existential questions and doubts can arise.

As such, in her new weekly videos, podcasts and combined video podcasts, Madame Pamita is traversing the extensive realm of Spiritualism in an effort to provide her listeners and viewers with the guidance they need to transform their life and live in a more spiritually aligned manner.

As an expert in Slavic and Ukrainian folklore, traditions and magic, Madame Pamita enriches and infuses her video podcasts with these ancient pagan belief systems, therefore helping her listeners to connect with a long line of female strength, power and belief.

Madame Pamita for Parlour of Wonders believes that spiritual knowledge and self-knowledge are a profound source of empowerment, therefore carving space in one’s busy routine to embody one’s spiritual self is also a profound act of self-care.

To enhance the positive impact of her new online content, her video podcasts also focus on the principle of the law of attraction, and help guide listeners through the art of positive affirmations and manifestations.

Madame Pamita prides herself on being a knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and caring folkloric expert and spiritual guide. All of her new online content is completely open to all subscribers, with no paywall.

A spokesperson for Parlour of Wonders said, “Join me as I spill the tea about folklore, tarot, self-care, witchcraft, past lives, spirit guides and the intersection of the spiritual and the law of attraction. Each episode of my new video podcast series focuses on a specific spiritual wellness topic and is followed by me answering your questions about anything and everything.”

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