Joy & Happiness Group Coaching | Positivity Community Membership Program Updated

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Donnalynn Riley announces that her MORE JOY membership program has been updated to include new modules on positivity, manifestation, and emotional healing. The mental health community empowers members to “find and live their own bliss”.

The updated positivity and emotional growth program includes weekly coaching sessions and lessons on psychology, energetics, quantum biofeedback, the law of attraction, and nutrition, among others. The goal of the program is to create a community of like-minded individuals who want to improve their lives and are ready to make changes toward achieving that goal.

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Donnalynn Riley updated her MORE JOY membership program to help more people who are living lives of quiet desperation. She explains that many people today are pretending to be happy or believe that they should be happy based on external factors such as a high-paying job. According to Riley, true happiness comes from within, and the MORE JOY program intends to guide members in finding it.

Riley teaches participants how to “find their own bliss” by creating a system that works on all aspects of the human experience, from physical to mental to emotional. Each week, members are encouraged to explore their joy and find newer and better ways to live life to the fullest.

Members who join MORE JOY will receive weekly healing and coaching sessions from Riley. They will also be guided to identify their “blissings”, which is the term used by the life coach to describe the experience of a constant and consistent state of happiness. Each person has different “blessings”, and Riley helps members discover what they are.

MORE JOY also features weekly manifestation sessions, where members can share their personal wishes and intentions with the group.

Riley writes, “Just like you, I managed to look good from the outside. I had a good job and a good relationship but I can still remember asking myself if this is all there is. Sometimes it was a little lonely and empty. When I was finally willing to make a change, the thing I learned, the thing that was the key to my satisfaction, the key to finding a more enjoyable lifestyle… More Joy.”

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