Help Keep Your Pet Safe With a Natural Pest-Repellent Collar by Farmer Ryan®

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Farmer Ryan®️ created his new innovative products made with all-natural ingredients, so you can rest assured that your pet is safe and protected.

Dangers of Chemical Pest Products for Pets

As a pet parent, it’s important to keep furry friends safe and healthy. But it is unbeknownst to most people that traditional flea and tick medication can harm pets. These pills, drops, and collars contain harsh chemicals that can harm pets, families, and the environment.

Chemical flea and tick collars release chemical pesticides onto pets’ fur, which soaks into their skin and bloodstream. This exposure to toxic chemicals can cause various health problems, such as skin irritation, vomiting, seizures, and even death, potentially leaving hefty expenses and the heartbreaking loss of furry companions. Additionally, when these collars are disposed of improperly, the chemicals can seep into the soil and water, causing harm to wildlife and the environment.

Enter Farmer Ryan®️

Farmer Ryan®️ created his new innovative products made with all-natural ingredients, so rest assured that pets are safe and protected. With his patented Biomemax®️ Pheromonal Replication Technology, this collar effectively repels most unwanted pests without any harmful side-effects of traditional collars.

The All-Natural Power of Biomeshield™️

The all-natural power of the Biomeshield™️ collar will keep pets safe and comfortable all year round. These astounding new products utilize the Biomemax® ️all-natural Pheromonal Replication Technology to repel fleas, mosquitoes, chiggers, gnats, and flies, paired with essential oils such as Cedar and Peppermint Oil. Cedar is a natural repellent for ticks, and peppermint is known to repel spiders effectively. By infusing these three natural ingredients into the collars, Farmer Ryan® has created a powerful and safe solution for flea and tick protection, along with many other common pests.

The Biomemax®️ pheromonal replication technology mimics the natural pheromones of unwanted pests such as chiggers, fleas, mosquitos, mites, earwigs, silverfish, and many more bugs, creating a protective barrier that repels most unwanted pests. The time-release encapsulation ensures that the active ingredients are slowly and evenly released over time, providing consistent and reliable protection year-round!

Protecting the Pets

Protecting pets from fleas and ticks is essential. Still, it shouldn’t come at the cost of their health and safety. Choose a natural solution that’s both effective and safe – choose BiomeShield™️ by Blue Magic Naturals™️. Order now and give the pets the protection they deserve. Visit or for more information and exciting new product launches. Don’t wait – protect pets today!

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