BeeSeen Legal Offering Contract Management LPO Service For Corporations

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BeeSeen Legal continues to expand its legal process outsourcing (LPO) services for corporations seeking to streamline their contract management operations and optimize overall performance.

Following the announcement, BeeSeen Legal assists corporations’ legal departments with drafting and reviewing contracts to allow them to enhance their operational efficiency and optimize costs. As part of its LPO services, the team also provides contract analysis to ensure compliance and other requirement are met and that standard terms are incorporated to eliminate the risk of contract disputes.

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With its recently announced contract management LPO services, BeeSeen Legal strives to help its clients effectively manage obligations with its partners and reduce their overall time-to-contract while arranging for proper contract execution. By ensuring that organizations’ contracts are drafted properly, the team also eliminates the possibility of having their reputation undermined, which can jeopardize their business relationships, and increase the likelihood of court filings.

With its suite of LPO services for corporations, the team also reduces the burden of repetitive administrative tasks for companies’ legal professionals, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and critical, higher-value priorities.

BeeSeen Legal’s suite of contract management LPO solutions encompasses contract drafting, redlining, and negotiation alongside creating and maintaining template agreements for future use. The team has the expertise to identify potential legal issues and address them promptly and efficiently and also engages in preparing and providing necessary paperwork for internal authorization.

Corporations can also delegate other legal contract review and management assignments to the BeeSeen Legal team, such as paperwork assessments for both litigation and transactional matters, legal research, legal document filing, assistance with litigation, and other tasks.

BeeSeen Legal is available to provide LPO services for contracts of all types and sizes, such as vendor agreements, lease contracts, partner agreements, and employment agreements. The team will review each document thoroughly and give counsel on a course of action if any legal issues are identified.

BeeSeen Legal’s co-founder Peter Pinto says, “Whether you are a small business looking to streamline your contract management process, or a large organization seeking to outsource your entire legal contract review and management function, BeeSeen Legal has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. We provide actual attorneys who support the entire paralegal job function at a fraction of the price. This allows our clients to gain access to experienced legal professionals that operate as an extension of their internal teams creating higher levels of efficiency, increased profits and positions the legal firms to focus on continued growth without the heavy burden of expansion.”

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