BULLDOG Single Shot Paint Adhesion Promoter | Collison Repair Guide Published

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The Autobody Source, an information hub that caters to the collision repair industry, releases an in-depth report on the BULLDOG Single Shot Adhesion Promoter.

The new resource evaluates the merits of the all-in-one product, which claims to improve the application of paint on vehicle surfaces. Editors from The Autobody Source also offer advice on the correct application of BULLDOG Single Shot to attain the desired results.

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Manufacturer KleanStrip Automotive says BULLDOG Single Shot combines an adhesion promoter, flex agent, and blending aid into a single product. Technicians can apply it on any flexible or rigid part made of plastic, which can streamline their workflow.

A standout feature that editors spotlight is the convenience BULLDOG Single Shot offers. They note that it is a true turnkey solution as technicians no longer have to manually measure out chemicals before application. Since the product comes in single canisters, its cost can be easily integrated into service quotes, enhancing pricing transparency.

The proprietary mixture has a drying time of around five minutes, ensuring that paint base layers can be applied with minimal delay. Canisters are fully compatible with 3M’s PPS spray-paint system, meaning garages do not have to acquire separate equipment to use BULLDOG Single Shot.

Editors praised how this paint adhesion promoter enhances flake orientation and color consistency, which leads to a more aesthetically pleasing end result. Likewise, the solution improved both edge wetting and melt-in, creating a smooth and even paint finish.

A spokesperson says: “Adhesion promoters are the unsung heroes of the collision repair industry. As such, we wanted to feature a product like BULLDOG Single Shot as it can truly streamline your prep work for paint application. We hope you find this report enlightening and helps you decide if this solution is right for your shop.”


Since its founding in 1992, The Autobody Source has strived to be the preeminent source of information for collision repair professionals. In addition to its website, the company also publishes a magazine. Its readership across the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the Bahamas numbers 17,000.

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