Self-Directed Crypto IRA: Benefits & Provider Comparison Guide Released

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A third of investors under 55 are planning to rely on crypto assets in retirement, a recent survey shows. CosmosUPS educates future retirees about the benefits of crypto IRAs and compares providers in its new guide.

CosmosUPS has released a new guide to crypto IRAs, titled “Top Crypto and Bitcoin IRA: Complete Analysis of the Best Exchanges and Brokers”. Similar to normal IRAs, crypto IRAs offer a tax-advantaged status, however, they also bring additional diversification benefits and growth potential.

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The release responds to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies as a retirement investment. The 2022 Investopedia Financial Literacy Survey revealed that about one-third of investors under the age of 55 are planning to rely on cryptocurrency during retirement. CosmosUPS understands that crypto beginners may not know where to start and published a comprehensive guide detailing the factors future retirees need to consider when choosing a provider.

The guide starts by describing the key benefits of crypto IRAs and which plans can be used for crypto investment. “You can make investments in cryptocurrency through your 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Traditional IRA, or another kind of pension account,” the guide states. “However, it is not possible to directly invest in cryptocurrency through a Roth IRA. To invest in cryptocurrency, you must start a new Roth IRA account.”

CosmosUPS also explains the factors that it used to assess different crypto IRA providers, and that investors should consider when choosing a provider. These include fees, customer support, minimum account balance requirements, accessibility, security, a mobile application, and others.

Readers will find an outline of the advantages and disadvantages of several popular providers, including BitIRA, CoinIRA, iTrustCapital, BlockMint, and Broad Financial. The guide concludes that Bitcoin IRA is the best overall provider for individuals who would like to diversify their portfolio. The platform allows users to invest directly in cryptocurrency without exchanges, however, the charges are high in comparison with alternative platforms, the guide explains.

In terms of security, CosmosUPS recommends BitIRA. The accounts in the platform are secured with multi-factor authorization, and three options – desktop software, web browser, and mobile app – are available, with different login procedures.

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