Religious Counseling Programs For Faith & Compassion In Education Launched

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The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) (405-831-3299), the governing institute for school chaplains, has created new religious counseling programs for schools across the United States.

The National School Chaplain Association describes their new religious counseling programs as bringing faith and compassion to educational contexts, and they believe their programs will have a worthy impact on any elementary, middle or high school that is looking to foster higher levels of wellbeing and connectedness in their school community. While the NSCA is best known as the accrediting body for school chaplains in the United States, they are also constantly working to expand the services that their chaplains provide schools, and though they believe that a full-time chaplain can provide the deepest assistance to a school community, they are now better equipped to offer flexible religious counseling programs.

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The association understands that schools’ needs are changing, and they want to be flexible and adaptable to best help schools become more compassionate places. As a representative for the National School Chaplain Association explained, “Suicide, anxiety, and depression have reached epidemic levels in US schools. Chaplaincy has proven to dissipate tension, resolve conflict and bring hope.”

The NSCA currently works with both public and private schools and they seek to provide a personalized approach to each school they partner with, one which will best meet their pastoral care and counseling needs. Whether a school would like to engage a full-time chaplain that works exclusively with their students, teachers and parent community, or whether they would like to organize periodic seminars, workshops and counseling programs, the National School Chaplain Association can now create a custom faith and compassion-based chaplaincy plan.

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The National School Chaplain Association trains all of their accredited chaplains at the university level and most of their chaplains have come from positions as classroom teachers. The NSCA also stresses that any school that takes on one of their accredited chaplains will also gain the full support of their nationwide religious counseling and pastoral care association.

The NSCA welcomes contact from any school or district leader in the United States.

The leadership team at the National School Chaplain Association added, “Hiring a chaplain in your school makes a direct impact on the students, staff, educators, as well as the entire community through increased school safety, better teacher retention, and enhanced mental health support.”

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