Amazon KDP Self-Publishing Guide For Aspiring Authors: 2023 Edition Released

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Write My Wrongs founder Toni Kononova has released the 2023 edition of her bestselling non-fiction work, ‘How to Publish a Bestseller’.

Toni Kononova, the owner of independent publisher “Write My Wrongs”, announces the latest edition of her bestselling Kindle book, ‘How to Publish a Bestseller’. The book details a clear 7-step plan for writing a bestseller on Amazon, from drafting a manuscript to self-publishing.

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The book was designed for aspiring authors who need guidance in self-publishing. Bypassing the red tape found in traditional publishing houses, authors learn how to become independent publishers and post their books on Amazon Kindle. Further, Toni also guides authors to properly promote their books for increased online visibility.

One unique aspect of Toni’s book is her stance on AI-generated content. While Toni accepts that AI can support authors in bringing their creative visions to life, she also emphasizes the importance of human thought and emotion in writing a bestselling novel. She says that there is no substitute for human creativity, especially in capturing real and profound emotions.

That is why she continues her mission to promote “Write My Wrongs”, a leading global writer’s marketplace. The group offers full-service writing packages, from creative strategy to ghostwriting to publishing to audiobook narration. Further details can be found at

“Write My Wrongs” is an author-first publishing company, supporting first-time authors, experts, and entrepreneurs to write and publish compelling books and novels. It offers an all-in-one solution thanks to its stringent vetting process. “Write My Wrongs” is composed of experts in the top 5% of the industry, as each editor on the team was selected from a pool of 200 candidates.

To date, “Write My Wrongs” has helped over 600 authors in writing, designing, and publishing their bestselling books. The group also helps these authors promote their books on various media channels.

Toni writes, “We offer the full range of self-publishing services, which includes everything from getting you published on Amazon, creating audiobooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, and e-books, to making sure over 40,000 retailers across the globe can carry your published work on their shelves.”

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