Art Market Investment Data Analytics Platform For Best Hammer Price Launched

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LOT-ART, a new platform for investment data analytics for the art market, has launched a new auction sale price database for their members.

The goal of LOT-ART’s new platform and auction database is to provide its members with the best hammer prices available by connecting them with a data set of over 30 million previous auction sales in the worldwide art market from the last six years. LOT-ART recommends their new data analytics service for beginner art collectors and new investors who are looking to begin their journey in the world of art investment.

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LOT-ART has drawn the data for their new platform and database from over 3,500 of the world’s leading auction houses in fine arts and other alternative investments like watches and collectibles. As the platform expands, they can now support buyers in the US, the UK, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong.

The developers of the LOT-ART platform have transformed complex art market data analytics into a functional search engine style interface members can use to compare pieces they are interested in purchasing against their extensive historical data set. In addition to using historical sales prices, LOT-ART also draws upon global market trends and expected future market fluctuations to offer members a clear picture of not only the best hammer price but the best possible return on investment (ROI)—taking into account both the profitability, liquidity and volatility of each piece.

The founders of LOT-ART believe that art is one of the best alternative investments both in terms of ROI and market stability, and because of the intangible social and cultural benefits that come with art collecting.

LOT-ART has its headquarters in The Netherlands. Its founders are on a mission to provide their members with both the world’s largest auction aggregator in the art market and some of its most insightful market evaluations and analytics.

A spokesperson for the art investment platform said, “LOT-ART is the leading search engine, marketplace and investment advisory for fine art and collectibles, providing a comprehensive overview of the global auction market. Find the best deals on your favourite artists among the catalogues of 3,500 plus auction house and check previous sale results to optimise your bid.”

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