NYC Interstate Movers for Family Homes | Truck Rental & Driving Guide Launched

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How to pack, unpack, and drive a moving truck, are explained in this new guide launched by, which explores cost-saving options for DIY moving, and how to manage them safely., a no-cost educational resource for anyone planning to move, has published a new guide that explains how to handle a moving truck safely and includes strategies for loading, unloading, and driving a fully loaded vehicle to an individual’s new residence.

More information about moving trucks, driving fully loaded vehicles, and packing strategies can be found in the full report, at

While many individuals consider renting a moving truck, rather than hiring professional movers, this cost-saving method is still considered too difficult for many users who have no experience driving large or heavy vehicles. This new guide from provides simple explanations, techniques, and strategies for completing the drive safely, starting with loading the truck correctly.

To ensure the truck is safe, the report includes a checklist of items that should be examined first, before the vehicle is moved. This includes the standard articles that should be checked when entering any new vehicle, such as tires, mirrors, and fuel level, but it also suggests checking for interior or exterior damage to the vehicle, and taking photos, so that the user isn’t blamed for damages caused by previous drivers.

Once the vehicle has been assessed and is ready to drive, the report provides basic strategies for packing the vehicle. By carefully following these steps, the report suggests that users can ensure that nothing moves during the transition even if the driver has to step hard on the brakes.

Packing the moving truck correctly is important for two reasons, the report explains. The first is to protect the user’s possessions, since falling over in the truck may cause extensive damage. The second reason is to prevent road accidents, which may be caused by poorly managed loads either putting too much weight on one side or by having their weight shift suddenly.

While it is possible to manage a move without professionals, using instructional guides from, the report also includes a simple tool for estimating the rate of having the same job done by a professional team. Users can estimate the rates for anything from hiring a professional truck driver with DIY packing and unpacking, to a full-service moving company that handles everything.

To estimate rates for an upcoming move, users only have to click the “Get Quotes” button on the website and enter some information about their move. This information will be shared with pre-screened local professionals, and users will receive up to 7 estimates with no cost or obligation.

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