Manalapan Sensory Gym For Children With SPD: Motor Skill Therapy Update

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Manalapan, NJ occupational therapist TOTville (732-860-8100) recently announced updates to its sensory gym, a purpose-built facility designed to promote skill and developmental growth in children.

TOTville’s sensory gym provides children with a non-threatening setting where they can have fun while developing their fine and gross motor skills. While the facility is open to all children, the update seeks to make it more accessible to children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

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Studies have shown that SPD affects anywhere from 5 to 15 percent of all school-aged children. “Children who are diagnosed with SPD are unable to integrate sensory information properly in the brain, causing problems in development, information processing, and behavior,” said a spokesperson for TOTville. The updated sensory gym combines movement and stimuli to try and facilitate proper sensory responses in children who may be struggling.

The gym features equipment designed to provide proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input. This includes linear and rotational swings, colorful climbing walls, vertical and horizontal ladders, zip lines, trapeze, crash pads, and much more. The diversity of the equipment allows children to work on all aspects of their bodies.

While in the sensory gym, children are guided through activities by TOTville’s expert therapists. The activities are tailored to the child’s specific needs and designed to challenge their ability to appropriately respond to sensory input. The goal is to try and get them to elicit these appropriate responses on their own without influence or encouragement.

By using TOTville’s sensory gym, both children and their parents can expect to see some growth. Generally speaking, sensory gym participation can lead to improvement in cognitive, behavioral, and social skills, as well as motor development. It can also increase independence, reduce stress levels, and raise tolerance to new sensations.

“I had such a positive experience at TOTville,” said a satisfied client. “My daughter was having some motor planning issues so I took her in for an evaluation. She didn’t even realize that’s what we were doing. That’s how welcoming, comforting, and reassuring the team at TOTville is. They provide excellent therapeutic services and evaluations, as well as a really cool gym for open play. I can’t recommend them enough.”

About TOTville

TOTville was founded by occupational therapist and international board-certified lactation consultant Yevgeniya Peskova. In addition to its sensory gym, it also provides feeding therapy, aqua therapy, lactation support, sleep support, and orofacial myofunctional therapy.

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