Cute Sleeping Panda T-Shirt: Print-On-Demand Cartoon Style Apparel Launched

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The JediArtShop launches a new collection of cute animal t-shirts and everyday items, with print-on designs in both cartoon and artistic style.

JediArtShop presents its latest cute sleeping animals t-shirt collection. From sleeping bears to cute sleeping raccoons, the independent t-shirt brand offers several different designs for casual wear. These t-shirts may also be given as gifts for Halloween, Christmas, or any special occasion.

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The new collection adds to the already popular designs of JediArtShop. Run by Rachel Yen, a digital artist, the boutique design shop is known for its oceanic designs painted in vibrant colors. One of her more popular designs is the ‘Whale Odyssey: A Fantastical and Futuristic Digital Painting Sticker”. The durable and water-resistant sticker can be used to decorate any surface, including laptops and windows.

Each design by Yen is drawn in different mediums, such as pencil and paintbrush, that is then transferred as digital art. This allows her to unleash her imagination while also providing more accessible designs to the public. While she initially began working on ocean-themed stickers, she has now expanded her designs to include cute sleeping animals and pop culture references.

In her new collection, Yen explores her creativity as a graphic artist further by using different types of painting styles. For example, in her “Otter Summer Pool Party Classic T-shirt”, Yen was able to incorporate her classic ocean-themed designs with more cutesy animal prints.

All t-shirts in the collection feature a classic, generous, boy fit and are double-needle hemmed for better durability. Sizes run from S to 5XL.

The third-party printer of this new collection has been evaluated according to International Labor Organization standards. Likewise, a spokesperson for the printer has stated that they source their threads from manufacturers committed to improving cotton farming practices with the Better Cotton Initiative.

Yen writes, “My journey as an artist began with traditional mediums like pencil and paintbrush, but it was the advent of digital art that truly ignited my imagination. The limitless possibilities offered by technology allowed me to explore new dimensions and push the boundaries of my creativity.”

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