Capitol Hill Sleep Apnea & Teeth Grinding Treatment: Expert Service Update

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Capitol Hill, WA – Summit Dental Care announces an updated sleep apnea treatment for patients who have challenges with breathing while sleeping due to bruxism, or the involuntary grinding of teeth.

Summit Dental Care announced that it has updated its sleep apnea treatments to help residents in Washington sleep more easily. Many people remain unaware that a certified dentist can offer various treatments for sleep apnea, including designing a custom night guard or prescribing a muscle relaxant for bruxism. Not only will these treatments help a person sleep with more ease, but they may also prevent tooth decay.

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Further, bruxism may lead to severe jaw problems over time if left untreated. The updated services may offer therapeutic benefits for adults and children who grind their teeth at night or who chronically experience jaw pain during the daytime due to improper use of their CPAP machine. Patients who experience constant jaw pain, damaged or loose teeth, and chronic tooth pain are recommended to see their local dentist as soon as possible.

Dr. NamThien Vu, DDS, who leads the team at Summit Dental Care, says that bruxism can easily be treated if it is detected early. He explains that some patients do not realize that there is a connection between their sleep apnea and their dental habits and visit a somnologist instead. However, in most cases, a sleep doctor recommends patients first see their dentist to determine if bruxism plays a role in their pain.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Vu will conduct a thorough dental examination to determine the state of the patient’s teeth and jaw. He will also ask basic questions about their sleep habits. If he finds that the patient suffers from bruxism, he will recommend a custom treatment plan.

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