Burgundy Sustainable Medical Scrubs, Anti-Wrinkle Recycled Material Announced

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Uniforms World Store is now making their comfortable and affordable scrubs sets more eco-friendly and has a new series made from 100% recycled material.

The online specialty scrubs makers and retailers have now officially launched their new TS Series scrubs, which are made from an environmentally friendly recycled fabric. Uniforms World Store has become popular for their innovative fabric blends, which they have designed to meet the intense demands of the medical profession. Now, with the launch of their new 100% recycled TS fabric, they are also pleased to be leading the way in eco-friendly scrubs.

More information is available at https://uworld.store

As global awareness of the harm of fast fashion grows, Uniforms World Store is committed to being a leader in fabric recycling. From their large factory in China, the retailers source and recycle their own fabric to offer shoppers a completely recycled 94% polyester and 6% spandex blend.

The team at Uniforms World describes their eco-friendly TS fabric as “having excellent drape and being comfortable and breathable”. It is also “easy to recover from slight wrinkles and easy for daily cleaning and maintenance.” This premium recycled fabric is also water repellant, making it particularly appropriate for clinical care environments.

Uniforms World Store has several scrub sets for both men and women available made from their new TS fabric. All the scrub sets in their TS Series have been designed to blend comfort, durability, practicality and style. Interested shoppers can purchase TS scrub sets with modern stylistic touches like slim line jogger pants with elastic waists and magnetic collar necklines.

To mark the launch of their eco-friendly TS Series scrubs, the online retailer has also created several new bright and deep colors, including their popular new maroon shade. They believe their new maroon color is a fashionable and flattering shade for almost all wearers.

All of Uniforms World Store’s premium quality recycled fabric scrub sets are available in sizes XS to 2XL and are sold with both the top and bottom included. Uniforms World Store is based in the US and China. They are continuing to grow their operations and product lines globally.

A spokesperson said, “We believe our scrubs sets offer the perfect balance of style and practicality, with thoughtful design features that ensure comfort and functionality for all medical professionals.”

For more details, visit https://uworld.store/collections/all

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