Online Bank Account Opening For Crypto Exchanges | No Presence Required: Update

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SAXE Global, a consulting firm that focuses on innovative financial solutions for businesses, has expanded its network of crypto-friendly online international banks.

These new partner institutions provide services like payment processing that are typically denied high-risk businesses in the cryptocurrency space. As such, they play an important role in growing a client’s business and expanding its geographic reach.

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Many of these online banks are located in advantageous countries like Switzerland or Puerto Rico, which offer world-class privacy or attractive tax incentives. Moreover, they have integrated crypto wallets, giving customers a turnkey solution to power their businesses.


According to research conducted by Triple A, crypto ownership now stands at 4.2% or roughly 420 million individuals worldwide. This trend is unsurprising due to crypto’s equity potential and transparency.

As a minority (though growing) currency, however, crypto cannot be fully divorced from traditional financial systems. SAXE Global links cryptocurrency entrepreneurs to trusted banking institutions to bridge whatever gaps that might hinder their success.


Crypto exchanges often process significant amounts of money from their customers or investors. Since banks are experts at custodial services, they can ensure that these funds are secure yet easily accessible, allowing exchanges to focus more on their operations.


SAXE Global also notes that crypto exchanges can enjoy fast and reliable transactions if they enlist partner banks. These institutions can facilitate debits/credit, money transfers, and withdrawals when individuals cash out their holdings.


The consulting firm’s partner banks offer online banking services that enable crypto entrepreneurs to access their funds and initiate transactions 24/7. Moreover, they have apps and websites where said transactions can be quickly executed.

At the same time, SAXE Global makes the account opening process simple by allowing business owners to do it online. There will also be a client manager who will walk applicants through the entire procedure.

Mark Walsh, Head of Advisory, says: “Our goal is to provide robust financial services to clients in the forefront of innovation. As such, we are thrilled to grow our roster of partner banks to help you bolster your business. As always, you can rely on our team to deliver a seamless customer experience.”

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