2024 ERC Application ‘Deadline’ & IRS Crackdown Explained In New Education Drive

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New education drive by Claim Your ERC Recovery, LLC, sheds light on essential IRS updates on business ethics in the ERTC industry – and explains why 2024 is not the hard deadline for the program.

Claim Your ERC Recovery, LLC, part of ERTC Express, the US’s leading ERTC application consultant, is announcing a public awareness campaign on the importance of businesses working with ERTC consultants who adhere to the latest IRS guidelines – and sheds light on some of the common misconceptions around the ERTC application deadline.

More details can be found at https://portal.ertcexpress.com/qualify/claimyourercrecovery

The effort comes amid increased scrutiny from the IRS, as the service is concerned over the proliferation of dubious ERTC experts making unrealistic promises and potentially duping local businesses into paying for ineligible claims. As the application backlog has been eliminated earlier this year, the IRS is now more closely monitoring both new applicants and new ERC consulting service providers – a development which has led many to believe the program’s deadline is approaching sooner than expected.

In its latest public awareness campaign, Claim Your ERC Recovery hopes to dispel the myths surrounding the latest updates – and one of them is that application for the ERTC is closing in 2024. That’s only partly true, as according to current legislation, ERTC applications can be made through to April 15, 2025 for 2021 tax periods. April 15, 2024, is currently only the deadline for 2020 tax periods.

The company is also promoting ethical ERTC marketing practices, inviting businesses to only work with service providers offering transparent fee policies and adhering to all IRS recommendations. Since a key part of the application process is determining a business’s eligibility, the company encourages businesses to only work with providers who offer a thorough pre-qualification process to determine whether a potential applicant truly qualifies for rebates.

About The Company

Claim Your ERC Recovery is part of the prestigious ERTC Express, the largest provider of ERTC services in the US. A fully IRS-compliant company, it has helped over 19,300 businesses recover over $1.3 billion in refunds – and continues to provide a transparent ERTC solution for businesses across sectors.

Working with licensed American CPAs who specialize in ERTC legislation, and offering comprehensive assessments and IRS audit preparation, the company has created an efficient solution designed to help businesses maximize their refunds – with ERTC Express refunds typically between 40% and 120% higher than those of payroll and software companies.

A satisfied client said: “ERTC Express went the extra mile for us – patiently answering our questions. I really appreciate our account manager Lehman who guided us through each step of the process.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://portal.ertcexpress.com/qualify/claimyourercrecovery

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