5 Major Benefits of Offices Using a Managed Print Service

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(Newswire.net — May 6, 2024) — Managed print services are solutions offered by an external group to a company. This group manages all the printing hardware required in your office, and this includes the printing supplies and consumables. Many companies are implementing these services in their offices. Read below on a few of the many benefits benefits receive from using a managed print service.

1. Reduction of the Overall Costs

A managed print service minimizes the company’s overall expenditure. Purchasing printers for each office in your company can be expensive. Moreover, the printers will need supplies and maintenance which will increase the costs incurred. Switching to a single monitoring system can be easy to manage and will save money for your company.

2. Saves Time

When a printer malfunctions in an office, it will delay some activities, hurt employee productivity, and cause frustration for employees. This is until a qualified technician repairs the system. This tends to waste a lot of time. With a managed print service for your offices, this is not the case. Since all the services come from an external group, your team can focus on more critical tasks.

3. Can Be More Environmental Friendly

With the reduction of printers in offices, waste paper and toner bottles do not pile up. Having many waste papers in your office affects the general appearance of your office. The toner bottles are non-biodegradable. This means that they cannot decay. When disposed of in large quantities, they can affect the environment negatively. A managed print service will help to manage printing workflows. It will also facilitate toner cartridge recycling thus becoming environmentally friendly.

4. Can Be a More Efficient Approach

Managed print services can help to minimize power consumption in your organization. With a printing machine in each office, the energy consumption can be quite high. However, having an external group managing the printing services can be a more efficient approach. This is because the energy consumption will be less compared to having printers in each office. Less energy consumption will mean reduced energy bills. This will save money for your company.

5. Enhanced Security

Today, data security is very crucial in any organization. Managed print services can help to deal with security issues. This is by implementing access control features to handle certain issues, and this can include secure printing. A managed print service also ensures documents get printed after user authentication. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information. It also ensures that the printing policies are up to date. All these measures ensure data safety in your organization.

In conclusion, managed print services will be part of many companies in the future. This is because it comes with multiple advantages that have a positive impact on your company. However, it is important to seek professional advice before choosing an external group for your printing services. This will ensure that you get quality services from experts in the field. If you seek to see a change in your organization, implement managed print services for your offices today.