Triad Web Design Service Wins Prestigious Netty Award for Best Visual Design

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By Barbara Brown

( — June 6, 2024) — June 6, 2024)

Triad Web Design Service Celebrates Award-Winning Achievement at the Netty Awards

GREENSBORO, NC – Triad Web Design Service, a leader in custom website design, proudly announces its recent triumph at the Netty Awards, clinching the title for Best Visual Design in the Construction Category. This accolade was awarded for their exceptional work on the WD Smith Construction website, which has set new standards in digital design within the construction industry.

Innovative Features and Strategic Design Define Award-Winning Project

This award-winning initiative was a collaborative effort between Triad Web Design Service and Home Builder Reach, a specialized marketing agency that serves home builders, remodelers, and general contractors. This partnership was forged with a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in custom website design. The project not only highlights the strengths of both teams but also underscores their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital marketing for the construction industry.

The WD Smith Construction website, a centerpiece of this collaboration, was developed as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for the Raleigh home builder. It boasts a custom, responsive design that ensures an optimal viewing experience across all devices. The site is enriched with SEO-optimized content aimed at improving visibility and driving engagement. Additionally, its integrated lead-generation system exemplifies the potent combination of aesthetic appeal and functional innovation, designed to enhance user interaction and promote business growth.

CEO Lynn Wilkinson Reflects on the Significance of the Netty Award

Winning this Netty Award is a testament to our team’s hard work and creativity,” said Lynn Wilkinson, CEO of Triad Web Design Service. “This recognition not only reflects our dedication to delivering outstanding digital solutions but also underscores our role as industry leaders in pushing the boundaries of web design.”

A Closer Look at What Makes WD Smith Construction Website Stand Out

The WD Smith Construction website is a prime example of how great design, easy navigation, and effective lead-generating features can come together to create a user-friendly experience. Key features include interactive “Request a Quote” forms strategically placed on every page to maximize user engagement and conversion rates. The site’s blog section serves as a resource hub, offering valuable insights and answers to frequent queries related to home building and remodeling, thereby positioning WD Smith as a thought leader in the construction industry. Furthermore, the site’s portfolio gallery, which integrates seamlessly with Facebook, allows for real-time updates showcasing current projects. These elements combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Significance of the Netty Awards in the Digital Design Landscape

Established to celebrate achievement in the digital age, the Netty Awards are one of the most trusted accolades in the industry. Recognizing excellence across over 100 unique categories, the awards honor top leaders and companies that demonstrate creativity, technical proficiency, innovation, and overall impact in their field. The category of Best Visual Design is particularly competitive, highlighting the importance of innovative, visually appealing, and user-friendly websites.

Award-Winning Design Elevates Company Profile and Sets New Industry Standards

The win at the Netty Awards is expected to further bolster Triad Web Design Service’s reputation as a top-tier provider of web design and digital marketing services. The award highlights the company’s ability to transform client visions into digital realities that propel business success.

Triad Web Design Service’s Vision for Future Innovations

Triad Web Design Service continues to expand its offerings, ensuring that all clients, regardless of their industry, receive cutting-edge, customized digital marketing solutions that drive results and exceed expectations. The agency is actively exploring new technologies and methodologies to incorporate into their projects, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the digital marketing industry.

For those interested in a deeper dive into the award-winning design and functionalities of the WD Smith Construction website, or to learn more about Triad Web Design Service’s approach to digital marketing, visits to the company’s official website are encouraged.

About Triad Web Design Service:

Triad Web Design Service is a full service web design agency based in Greensboro, NC. Known for its innovative approaches to web design, SEO, social media, and PPC, Triad Web Design Service has established itself as a leader in the digital marketing sphere, serving clients across the United States with tailored solutions that enhance online presence and business growth.

About Home Builder Reach:

Home Builder Reach is a dedicated contractor marketing agency that caters exclusively to the needs of home builders, remodelers, and general contractors. With a deep understanding of the construction industry, Home Builder Reach specializes in crafting targeted digital marketing strategies that help clients increase visibility, attract leads, and achieve substantial growth. Their approach combines innovative digital tactics with industry-specific expertise, ensuring that every marketing campaign is not only creative but also highly effective. By collaborating with industry partners like Triad Web Design Service, Home Builder Reach continues to set industry standards in digital marketing solutions, driving success through precision and innovation.