Can you hear it, the call of the songbird in your heart?

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Greenwood, Virginia, June 25, 2009 (NEWSWIRE.NET)  From the time we were youngsters, we were told about our mind, body and spirit. Well, whatever happened to the spirit part? The spirituality book’s segment has a new entry with The Songbird In My Heart, by Mark Steven Rhoads. This new book is a call to action, a song of grace, whispering softly to anyone listening for the call of inner knowing. For many, the call is so quiet it is perceived as a vague yearning for something more in life. This is the call of the songbird in your heart.


This book has a simple intention; to help the reader recognize the simple magnificence of being and point toward the purpose of life. The story is intended to be read on a lazy, contemplative afternoon. It is inspired by the work of Dainin Katagiri, H.W.L. Poonja, Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson.


The Author recounts his journey of self-discovery through the readings and philosophies that have brought him to an everyday peace that passes all understanding. He sees this as nothing special, just simple magnificence. This peace and grace are our true nature, the right normal, available to us all if we can just remember who we are.


The story is told within the simple, yet beautiful context of everyday life. While no religious and spiritual traditions are promoted, they are all encouraged and respected. It is the author’s sincere hope that the readers accept his challenge to take charge of their spiritual life and find their true nature.


Mark Steven Rhoads is a retired businessman, now living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He continues his pursuit of everyday peace and grace in the propagation of flowers, fruits and vegetables. This is his first book. A follow-up book is in development and will be partly based on reader input.


The book is in two parts. The first is “The Magnificence of Being, A Simple Message of Grace” the story of a journey of self-discovery. The second is “Acts of Contemplation, Freedom for a Glad Heart” a series of exercises designed to demonstrate the principles of Part I through the reader’s own efforts. The book is in full color designed to enhance the reading experience.


There are two chapters available for free downloading. The first is Chapter Six – “A Moment in Time”, exploring time’s magical mystery. The second chapter available for free downloading is Chapter Fifteen – “Nature’s Beautiful Face”, looking at the beauty of outdoor life, its many connections and lessons for us. Further details are available at the book’s website


Book Facts:                8.5” by 5.5” sewn softcover with fold-in flaps

                                    Four–color throughout, 208 pages, retail price $24.99

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                                    ISBN 978-0-615-27362-4

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                                    Publication Date – October 15, 2009

                                    Early Book Availabilty – July 1, 2009


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