Reverend Peter Popoff Releases New Video Reflecting on 40 Years of Christian Outreaches

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June 25, 2009 (NEWSWIRE.NET) – Peter Popoff Ministries announced the release of a new DVD in honor of forty years of the Reverend Popoff’s Christian ministries. The Christian evangelical organization continues to reach out to believers and non-believers seeking the grace of God worldwide. The newly released Peter Popoff DVD reflects on the highlights of his missions and ministry outreaches over the last forty years.

In the video, Reverend Peter Popoff reflects on many of the places he and his wife visited where he noticed a steady stream of gloomy and depressing reports. The Reverend commented that “With each new place seemed similar in that prognosticators, news commentators, politicians and prime ministers were predicting nothing but gloom and despair.” In the video, Popoff realizes that the message they were proclaiming in the ministries and sermons had become more relevant and more important than ever before.

According to the Reverend, “the definition of Gospel is “Good News” and that’s what our Lord and Savior commissioned us to do: “proclaim the good news to every creature throughout the entire earth.” Popoff realizes the urgency of the hour and the absolute necessity that people feel to fulfill the mandate of proclaiming this good news to every creature.

Peter Popoff Ministries also announced that they were doubling their missionary efforts, setting their sights higher and putting their faith into action. A spokesperson for the Christian Evangelical ministry said that their organization was “determined to not only move forward somehow, but triumphantly.

The Peter Popoff telecasts will continue to be broadcasted daily all around the world, beamed from the most powerful satellites. There message remains the same, focusing on “Power and hope is absolutely stirring multitudes to respond to the message of Christ’s love.”

According to the ministries’ spokesperson, Peter Popoff Ministries received over one million calls and e-mails requesting prayer and spiritual food. In response, the Christian ministry sent out over 2 million responses with spiritual help and guidance to hurting people. The Peter Popoff Outreach continues to support missionaries in Vietnam, China, South America, Russia and the Ukraine with effective ministries to multitudes. The Christian organization also said they will continue to support African children in persecuted areas like Darfur who are in serious need of help and spiritual guidance as well as material assistance and medical aid.

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