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( — March 01, 2013) New Haven, CT — Advancements in technology with home improvement products are at an all time high in helping to conserve energy in our homes. Replacement windows are no exception. With features like Low-e, argon, double or triple pane insulated glass and the cut down of conductive materials used to assemble them. Many homeowners are seeing their investment in window replacement paid back to them through energy savings in a few short years.

That being said it can be quite confusing when getting a estimate for your windows. Besides all the features that make a window energy efficient and whether your estimate includes them. There is also the decision to be made on what type of material they will be made from. The most popular are wood, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum. All have different features and benefits with different pros and cons.

But that’s why you called on the professionals, to show you what you need, right? Not so fast says Brian Kiernan “Most local window companies typically sell one type of window and whatever that type may be is the one the salesman is going to try and sell you most likely not even considering what would be best for your home. Furthermore if they do offer different types, typically they are going to push what is easiest and most profitable for them.”

So what is the best way to get local window quotes? “First I recommend that you do your research prior to meeting with a salesman. Second ask lots of questions about what exactly you are buying and is included in your price”

Another option is getting a online window quote. While this is basically the same as a price from a local company, the difference is there’s a third-party intermediary who distributes the information collected via an online form to local reputable window companies in your area. Kiernan concluded by saying “Getting a window quote online is a good option if you have not received a direct referral from a friend or family member. The local companies who receive your information are eager to please and satisfy these customers to ensure they continue to receive more referrals in the future.”

Nowadays educating yourself on any major purchase you are thinking about making has never been easier with a resource like the Internet. Within minutes you can be up to speed with what the proper window is for your house and approximately what you should pay.

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