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( — March 3, 2013) Philadelphia, PA – As the nation celebrates Black History Month, Philadelphia civil rights lawyers are still hard at work to protect employees’ hard earned protections.  Sadly, there are still employers that mistreat staff on the basis of their race, color, age, ancestry, national origin, handicap/ disability and other irrelevant factors.  But this is plainly illegal under Pennsylvania law, and Philadelphia civil rights lawyers Ginsburg and Associates have the expertise to put your case forward with effectively and skillfully.

Discrimination does exist in Pennsylvania, unfortunately.  The Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission investigated nearly 3,200 claims of discrimination in 2010/11, the most recent period for which statistics have been published.  Of those complaints, 84% concerned employment.  More than 20% of the complaints about employment discrimination were on the basis of race/color.  Each state’s anti-discrimination laws are slightly different so it is important to make sure the Philadelphia civil rights lawyers you chose are experienced in Pennsylvania law as well as federal law.  Philadelphia civil rights lawyers can seek justice for workplace discrimination through the court system.

Philadelphia civil rights lawyers Ginsburg and Associates have 25 years of experience with the state and federal anti-discrimination laws and can advise plaintiffs of the type of evidence needed in specific cases.  They handle cases involving employment, housing, education, public accommodation and more.  If you have been treated unfairly at work or in another situation, contact Ginsburg & Associates Trial Lawyers today for expert help. 

Know your Civil Rights

“If you feel your civil rights have been violated it’s important to contact a civil rights lawyer immediately. Every state has different laws and new precedents are set continuously at both the state and federal levels. The most common rights violations are usually based on religion, race, age, and sexual orientation, although your civil rights also extend to education, lending, and employment.  If you feel you’ve been a victim make sure you understand your rights and the law. Picking the correct civil rights lawyer is the first and most important part of this process.” –


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