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( — March 7, 2013) Bournemouth, United Kingdom Poole based modern and contemporary office furniture suppliers BT Office are thrilled to herald the arrival of their stunning new range of bench desks and structural storage add-ons.
BT Script
The new Script range is set to become one of our most popular ranges due to its incredible versatility.
The desks come in a number of different shapes including rectangular, angled wave, curved, 120 degree workstation and double wave. This offers tremendous flexibility and the opportunity to maximise your workspace and provide optimum functionality.
A range of different sizes and matching storage options ensure that there is continuity in your office environment.
Script storage can be integrated and be a part of the structural design of your desk arrangements.
Alternatively separate individual storage products are also available.
These include desk end storage, open fronted storage, over desk storage, pedestals, shelving, conference extension end tables, sliding door and combination storage.
Rectangular Desk
These desks are available 600mm or 800mm deep and in the following sizes:
•    1000mm
•    1200mm
•    1400mm
•    1600mm
•    1800mm
A choice of angled or straight legs are available and come in black, grey, silver, white or chrome effect paint finishes.
A wide range of FSC finish colours help compliment and match your office environment:
Light Beech, Royal Oak, Beech, Black, Elm, Grey, Midnight Ash, Silver, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Apple, Ash, Maple, White or Pastels.
All free standing desks can be fitted with height adjustable legs if necessary. This allows an adjustment of up to 120mm.
Angled Wave Desk
These desks come with the same range of metal and FSC finishes as the rectangular desks.
The advantage of these desks is that they can be arranged in a slightly less uniform way than a standard rectangular wave desk.
This helps to provide a far more interesting and less formal layout than traditional bench desk layouts.
Angled wave desks are available 800mm to 600mm deep or 1000mm to 800mm deep. The following left and right hand sizes are available:
•    1200mm
•    1400mm
•    1600mm
•    1800mm

Curved & Double Wave Desk
Our curved wave desks are available left and right hand in exactly the same dimensions and finishes as the angled wave desks.
The 800mm to 600mm double wave desks come in the following sizes:
•    1200mm
•    1400mm
•    1600mm
•    1800mm
The 800mm to 700mm double wave desks only come in the following two sizes:
•    1600mm
•    1800mm
120 Degree Workstation
120° desks are an ideal solution if you want to create multiple user desk configurations.
They come in the following sizes:
•    1800mm x 800mm x 800mm x 1200mm
•    1600mm x 600mm x 600mm x 1200mm
The arrangement shown in the image demonstrates a typical 3 user layout utilising the angled leg option.
Additional Features
In addition to the FSC and metal paint finishes, accent colours are available for door and drawer fronts. The available colours are azure, maize, mushroom, plum and umber.
Using an accent colour is a wonderful way to brighten up and modernise your office environment.
Rectangular, angled wave, curved wave and 120° workstation add-on desks (with 2 legs instead of 4) are undoubtedly one of the best features of the Script range. They allow the user to fix the add-on to structural storage units. L-shaped desk arrangements can also be created by adding 2-leg return units to your main desk.
The Script range also includes compact computer workstations in various sizes:
•    800mm x 600mm x 1400mm
•    1000mm x 600mm x 1400mm
•    1200mm x 600mm x 1400mm

These workstations have a shelf built on top of the frame for storage.
Accessories include cable management baskets in black, grey, silver or white which can be fitted to an under desk service rail. Alternatively suspension brackets can be screwed directly to the underside of the work surface.
Modesty panels are also available in a range of sizes and can be fitted in 3 different ways. The inner position provides knee space to the rear of the desk. The outer position maximises the users’ knee space. The reversed position provides a visual cover for cables trailing from the rear of the top.
MFC and fabric desk mounted screens in a range of colours can be fitted to your desks and these have a number of add-ons for extra convenience.
These include magnetic name plate or label holder, fabric pin board, dry wipe note pad, A4 tray, stationery tray, phone dock, ipad dock and pen tray.
Optional full height upstands which attach to the bottom of the legs can be added. They provide a high privacy screen with various screen accessory options (see screen add-ons above).


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