Superhero House Cleaners Save The Day Behind The Scenes At The Oscars

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( — March 7, 2013) London, UK — The 85th Academy Awards, aka the Oscars, took place recently with all the gloss, glitz and glamour we have come to expect from these awards. The stars swept down the red carpet looking stunning, as always, but if it wasn’t for some super-speedy cleaning by a hard-working team of professional cleaners, things wouldn’t have been quite as glam.

What a lot of us wouldn’t have seen was what happened at the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, behind the scenes. In the ladies’ washroom, a pipe burst, causing at least one toilet to overflow, according to the Independent. This minor flood covered the floor with water about one inch deep, which forced a number of glamorously-dressed stars and ceremony attendees to hold up their skirts to keep the hems of their long evening gowns from trailing in the water. More water poured from the bathroom area to the lobby, flooding the area merely moments before the beginning of the ceremony.

The people who saved the day didn’t wear skin-tight costumes and capes, but wore ordinary work clothes and wielded mops, buckets and wet-and-dry vacuum cleaners. The cleaning staff working at the Dolby Theatre worked frantically to contain the flood and mop up the water so attendees could get through the lobby and use the washroom safely. However, one of them took a moment to take a photo of the professional cleaners at work, and this photo and story was sent to the Independent.

The team of cleaners managed to contain the flood so the ceremony could proceed, and the rest of the Oscars went off smoothly, apart from Jennifer Lawrence tripping as she went up the stairs to collect her award. At the time of writing, the Los Angeles City Fire Department was unable to find the cause of the burst pipe that caused the flooding.

“It just goes to show how much the modern world relies on good cleaning staff,” said a representative from the London-based cleaning company Cleaning Experts. “And not just the staff, either – having the right tools handy is also vital. I just hope that nothing of this sort happens here in London for the BAFTAs. But at least it was just a burst pipe and good clean water – it would have been much worse if it was something flooding out of the toilet from the sewers!”

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