New Business Opportunities 2013: Telexfree Business Oppportunity Review

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(NEWSWIRE.NET — March 13, 2013) Brisbane, AU — A new Business Opportunites for 2013 is poised to be one of the most successful for this year and into the future. The business opportunity is provided by TelexFree Inc which is a 11 year old American multinational corporation first registered in the United States as “Common Cents Communication” .  The compnay has 11 years’ experience in VOIP telecommunications and operates in over 40 countries.  Its name changed to Telexfree in 2012 when Telexfree Inc was first launched in Brazil on January 1, 2012.  In Brazil the company grew to over 400,000 members producing 23 new millionaires with their rewarding payplan for promoters.

Telexfree Inc ise now authorized by the attorney general to operate in the United States in 2013 and growth is expected to be four times the growth seen in Brazil.  This offers a lucrative new business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The President of Telexfree is James Merrill and company headquarters are located at 225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200 Marlborough, MA 01752.    James is American born and a man of great vision who saw a large market in Brazil for lower cost telecommunications and with his knowledge of the VoIP technology he decided to found the company to serve the market.  He is continuing to make huge investments to further enhance the company.

The telexfree company offers a combination of telecommunications software and technology to provide a long distance  calling service to unlimited cell phones and landlines that allows you to talk as much as you like for one flat monthly rate of $49.90.  The service includes international calling and is available in over 40 countries.  It does not matter which cell phone provider you have.

Exciting news for the company is that Telexfree has recently partnered with Best Western Hotel chain as they venture together to build 500 hotels by 2016 in preparation for the Olympic Games that will be held in Brazil. 

On a Telexfree review of the company website the site is currently ranked in the top 50 of the Alexa Rankings in Brazil and the top 2000 globally with traffic increasing to the website each week.

TelexFree offer members the opportunity to earn an income via the advertisement of their products  and services, the sale of the TelexFree communications plan and the sponsorship of new TelexFree members.  Many large companies spend millions monthly on advertising and Telexfree is using the internet as a means of advertising their products and paying members who market for them.

The company is protecting their legal interest by partnering with Specialist Attorney at Law Gerald P. Nehra, licensed in the states of Michigan, New York, Colorado and the Federal Court of the United States, who exclusively serves to the legal needs of direct selling companies.

A member of a growing Telexfree team in Australia who saw this as a great business opportunity stated “I’ve NEVER seen such a high sponsor rate in any business and…many high business people are getting in as they see this as a good business.”  The entrepreneurs of Telexfree recommend purchasing the Family package offered by the company to grow the business as it has more benefits and allows a higher income growth.

In summary, Telexfree Inc is a growing company with a 11 year track record, it provides products and services with global appeal that they own, it pays promoters for their advertising efforts with  400,000 active representatives in Brazil and 23 Documented Millionaires in 2012.

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