Vancouver Moving Company Helps Movers Get Moving This Spring

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( — March 11, 2013) Ft Worth, Texas — Spring in Vancouver inevitably means for many it is time to clean out the house, and for many more to move to a new home. Vancouver Movers, a leading professional Vancouver based moving company has released a series of tips on how consumers can get ready for their next move, while protecting themselves from the shadier side of the moving industry.

“Every year we get dozens of last minute calls from panicked customers who need to move, because the mover they had hired didn’t show up.” says a company spokesperson, “This is a huge problem for the customer. We have built a reputation of operating a reliable and trustworthy business, and it is why we are able to continue to do business. Also because we like to go the extra mile for our customers we have released a few tips to help them protect themselves regardless of who they move with.”

Many consumers find themselves hurt by movers who are not trustworthy. The company’s tips include: not paying the full amount of the move up front, if it does not feel right it probably isn’t, ensure to enquire if the company runs background checks, and ensure you get any prices and services in writing before hand. It is also critically important to ensure your moving company has the proper insurance, and Vancouver Movers recommends checking up on the moving company you plan to hire with the Vancouver Better Business Bureau.

Vancouver Movers is a leading Vancouver moving company. Billed as ‘Your Trusted Movers’ the company works hard to ensure turnkey moving solutions for residents and businesses. The professional moving service is fully bonded, punctual and is run by a dedicated team of individuals working to help make each customers move the smoothest they have ever had. Vancouver Movers takes pride in the work it does, with uniformed presentable staff, ready to help you pack up your most important possessions and move them to your next home.


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