New Battery Technology Creates an Ideal Electric Wheelchair For Holidays For The Disabled.

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( — March 12, 2013) London, UK – When it comes to describing the fate of those millions around the world who get struck down by disability I can do no better than reprise some words “Ingersoll the Magnificent” used during a tribute to his Brother Ebon.

“Life is a narrow vale between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities. We strive in vain to look beyond the heights.

Yet, after all, it may be best, just in the happiest, sunniest hour of all the voyage, while eager winds are kissing every sail, to dash against the unseen rock, and in an instant hear the billows roar above a sunken ship.

For whether in mid-sea or ‘mong the breakers of the farther shore, a wreck at last must mark the end of each and all. And every life, no matter if its every hour is rich with love and every moment jeweled with a joy, will, at its close, become a tragedy as sad and deep and dark as can be woven of the warp and woof of mystery and death.”

Of course Ingersoll is speaking about death here, not disability, and even though some disabilities may severely curtail experiencing the simple joys of life, you owe it to yourself to “rage against the dying of the day” and to do your utmost best in finding the kind of assistive technology that can once more scoop you up and lift you into the limelight of mainstream living.

Other than for finding one’s happiness in the rigours of daily life and some sort of productive endeavour, for those who aren’t capable of participating any longer, the greatest joy could be found in exploring the world and places that have thusfar existed as no more than a pipedream.

Luckily there are many tours, holidays and cruises for the disabled.

One of the most important aspects of grading and evaluating these holidays is to ensure that the facilities are wheelchair friendly. By definition this is invariably the case, and thus more importantly and for the maximisation of your own fun and enjoyment, the onus is on you to find a wheelchair that is “you” friendly.

Here your options are varied and wide, but taking into account the physical constraints of the facilities whilst on holiday, you should try to choose the most convenient option not only to yourself, but also in consideration of the needs of your fellow holiday makers as well as the disburdening of the jobs of your carers and tour operators.

If you have the upper body strength and vitality to confidently set about your holiday in a manual wheelchair, then obviously you should choose the lightest and most convenient model.

However, for those who do not have this ability an electric wheelchair is your best option. Unfortunately there are too many of these that are far to large, heavy and cumbersome to be of any use to you or your fellow travellers.

Keep in mind that you need to maneuvre and negotiate the narrow doorways, passages and nooks and crannies normally found on cruise ships or historic landmarks, especially in Europe.

Aside from needing a light weight folding electric wheelchair for travelling, also keep in mind that wheelchair friendly infrastructure in the 3rd world and many tourist hotspots is largely non existent.

Thus, your options become immediately limited to choosing the more portable and maneuverable wheelchairs and mobility scooters on the market today. There are quite a few viable options in this niche, but among them there is an Australian based company whose product offering stands out like a sore thumb.

They have come up with the “Portashopper” a lightweight folding electric wheelchair that folds or unfolds in only 5 seconds. It only weighs 20KG including the battery which effectively makes it as easy to handle and travel with as a childs stroller.

It includes two lightweight safe Prismatic Cell batteries that will scoot someone weighing up to 120KG around on flat and light outdoor environments for around 30km per charge, and with an internationally compatible AC charger as well as car and solar panel charging options this seems to be the ideal option.

Of course its best to Google all your options though.

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