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( — March 16, 2013) Tampa FL — There are a lot of opinions out there on what NOT to do as well as opinions of what TO do when buying a home.  There have been articles in the Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, This Old House, Consumer Reports, Kiplinger, Consumer Report, and Jean Chatzky on Smart Money /Today’s Money on using Exclusive Buyer Agents.  

By Florida State law, the default method of Buyer representation is a “Transaction Broker” where –  just as the title says, the real estate agent is a transaction facilitator and does NOT provide AGENCY Representation.  Transaction Brokers can only act in a neutral capacity for buyers.  Transaction brokers work in sales or Listing Brokerages and typically work with both sellers and buyers at the same time.  Florida EBA’s believes that Buyers need their own dedicated Buyer Agent independent of sales organizations to represent their interest exclusively.

Buyer Brokers utilize a different skill set than traditional brokers since they do not participate in the marketing side of real estate and never have obligations to sellers. Viewing real estate completely from the Buyers perspective, liberates the Buyer Broker from the SALES side of real estate.  They can negotiate and advocate for their Buyer clients never having to worry about conflicts of interest or contractual obligations to sellers.  contains free Florida Keys, MLS search tools for Buyers.  In addition Buyers can get free real-time property research and analysis on interested properties. is part of the Florida Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents network of Buyer Brokerages serving Florida Home Buyers.  Many member buyer brokerages are also members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents providing dedicated buyer services. A Florida buyer Brokerage directory can be found at

Aileen Kane, Owner/Broker of Exclusively Buyers Realty of Florida provids Buyer Brokerage services in Tampa Bay, SW Florida and the Florida Keys.   Her Bio can be found at HERE. To speak with Aileen, please use the contact information below:

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