Page One Of Google For Free: Philadelphia Local SEO Firm’s Incredible Offer

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( — March 18, 2013) Philadelphia, PA — Page One Marketing Geek, a Philadelphia Local SEO marketing Firm, is incredibly offering to put a few lucky business owners on the first page of Google for free. Better yet, they are offering to do this in less than 48 hours. The limited and exclusive offer is for any business competing in a local market. It must be noted that the offer is for a limited time and owner, Russ Royal, is only accepting one customer per niche.

Russ Royal, also known as “The Coolest Reputation Marketing Expert in Philadelphia” as named in a recent online poll, is making the offer to coincide with the launch of his newest website. The offer to place the lucky, business owners on the first page of the major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo, is limited to a select few businesses and is set to expire in April.  

When asked why he is doing this, Russ replied: “Business owners are in a very competitive market and they often have to pay top dollar for their advertising, and the ROI is not always great. I‘m so good at this, I feel confident that I’m able to place almost any business on to the first page of Google, in their local market, in less than 48 hours. There is nothing quite like the exposure a business gets when it’s sitting on page one. In terms of building a brand, what can be more effective?”

 Quite naturally, Russ was asked why he is only accepting one customer per niche, he replied: “Its important to be able to dedicate all of my resources to every customer all of the time.  I like to think, I’m building a relationship with my individual customers and they should singularly benefit by techniques. I’m offering exclusivity to them, because it puts me in a position where I don’t have to worry about having two customers competing against each other in the same market. Using this model, I can pour all of my energy into serving the unique needs of my customers.

Google placement should be important to business owners. Since businesses on page one of Google are getting 80-90% of the click through volume, sitting on any other page is tantamount to having no web presence whatsoever. Savvy business owners who understand these numbers are placing a higher priority in local SEO marketing. 

The free offer to be on page one of Google should be something to consider. Russ and Page One Marketing Geek, use a variety of techniques that are centered around the effectiveness and marketing of press releases to build brand recognition.  Press releases can drive increased traffic to a website and are just one-way to increase the sites authority. 


Russ Royal can be reached by telephone in his office.

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