Digital Marketing Agency Launches New Cost-Cutting Press Release Service

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( — March 14, 2013) Wellington, NZ — A local marketing consultant is turning it’s back on traditional rules of media. Recent trials carried out, showed that businesses can get their messages out directly to their audience within minutes by using the press release service.

A news release can be any announcement about a product, service or event and can be targeted to a specific audience through keyword specific research – locally or internationally.
Once a press release has been written it’s passed through to a senior editor for quality and then syndicated out to online News services like Google, Yahoo and other media distribution channels, which are trade and industry specific.
This process happens within hours and sometimes minutes of publishing your news. ’

Peter Duncan, owner of Digital Pulse Marketing says ‘’You can have your press release read within minutes of publishing it, it’s really exciting to see how quick this process is now! You can sometimes have your product or service listed at the top of Google’s organic index within hours, if not days depending on the competition. It’s then just a matter of optimising the news release to stay at the top, which is where seo comes in.’’

Digital Pulse recently tested promoting a digital product to an international audience with just a press release and according to Peter, within 7 minutes of the release being published, it was sitting at the top of Google for it’s targeted keyword and within 40 minutes, had over 500 views. After 48 hours the news release had been viewed 4,800 times. It’s a very powerful method, if you know what you’re doing and I’m excited to offer it to my clients and potential clients’’

Peter also adds that ‘’Pay-per-click costs for that particular keyword are estimated in Googles keyword tool for Adwords at $30.76 per click, which puts it out of reach for a lot of businesses. On a smaller or local scale, if you were paying $4 per click for your target market and you had 200 clicks per month, you’d be paying $800, so it’s a great way to reduce your marketing budget.”  

While there’s still an important need for good relationships with journalists, magazine and newspaper editors,  this method also allows businesses to maximize the effectiveness of the press release as a direct consumer-communication channel.

You can include videos and links to your pages of importance as well as opt-in forms on the page to help grow your community. It’s a completely different ball game now with what you can do to get your message and how quickly you can do it!

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