#1 Cause of Children's Deaths are Revealed by Baton Rouge Accident Attorney Lexlee Overton.

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(Newswire.net — March 14, 2013) Baton Rouge, LA — We never want to think that this could happen to any of our children. We need to look at the number one killer of children more seriously and that is car accidents. What can we do to minimize these tragic deaths?

The first step is choosing the right car seat. You need to pick out for safety the right size and style car seat for your child’s height and weight. Once you pick out the best one then you need to make sure that you properly install the seat in your car. This will give your children the best protection in case you get in one of these automobile accidents.

If you feel that you are not sure that your car seat is hooked up properly then I recommend you to make an appointment to one of several authorized agencies in Baton Rouge.

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The following is the recommendation for your child’s safety.

Infants to at least 1 year old and twenty pounds- Keep them in the back seat with a rear facing car seat. You will want to keep your child rear facing for as long as there head is not over the back. Crash tests show how much safer rear facing is compared to front facing.

1-4 years- They will start using the forward facing seat with a harness once they are over 20 pounds. Please remember about rear facing as long as you can and try to use a five point harness for support. The five point harness has shown the best results in tests performed for your child’s safety.

4-8 years- You will begin to use the booster seat when the child reaches forty pounds. It is important to make sure the seatbelt is fastened over their thigh and chest. Please make sure you check this before you leave where you are going. It is recommended to use a five point harness as long as your child fits safely in the seat for safety purposes. There is a company called Britax USA that has car five point car seats that can hold kids up to eighty five pounds.

8 and older- This happens when they reach about 4’9”. They will still sit in the back seat with the belt fastened over their thighs and across their chests.


Make sure you pick out the proper car seat.

Fasten the car seat properly. Get local certified help if you need it or unsure.

Face your children towards the rear as long as possible. Head below the support.

Use the five point harness seat if your child fits in it properly and to seats specifications.

Make sure your child or children or buckled up properly before you ever take off in your vehicle. You can make a difference.

Please follow these instructions and get assistance if you need it. You can make a difference in saving lives. For more info then please go to http://www.lexleeovertonlaw.com/safety/